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Lady Gaga Tees

Today I've brought you another tee from Zazzle dedicated to Lady Gaga fans everywhere!

I have a selection of other Lady Gaga tees at my Lady Gaga Tee-Shirts lens (original name isn't it?)including a Warhol inspired tee and a classic black tee.

Lady Gaga Fan - Little Monster T-Shirt by jcollister
Make customized tee shirts at Zazzle

Funny Chocolate Tee

Well if you knew anything about my favorite foods you would know that chocolate is featured heavily. Unfortunately chocolate and clothes are not always best friends…..although maybe that’s just too much chocolate and clothes! Anyway today’s tee is one designed by little old me and it tells an all familiar story!

WARNING, Chocolate makes clothes shrink... by lou165
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Can you relate to the sentiment behind this tee??? If you’d like to help keep me in chocolate (or even tees that fit!) then please feel free to buy one, two or even a truck load of these cool chocolate tees that rock!

Snowboarding Tee

Well it’s the countdown to the start of the winter Olympics – hard to believe it’s been another 4 years isn’t it? Anyway this tee of a snowboarder caught my eye and seemed very appropriate for today.

Why live on the Edge? by Albomfamily
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Brought to you from Zazzle it’s an affordable, heavyweight t-shirt. “Pre-shrunk, 5.5 ounce 100% cotton. Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems.”

It’s designed by one of my other online friends (I have some really talented online friends, but I’m still trying to get it to rub off on me!!!) Rhonda. So let me ask you a question – why live on the edge…….when you could buy this tee???

Marilyn Monroe Tees

Marilyn Monroe has become an iconic pop culture figure since her tragic death and also the subject of many tees from the Andy Warhol/Marilyn Monroe style tees to ones that just show her image and more. I have a collection here of Marilyn Monroe tees that has been hugely popular with a wide range of visitors.

Today I’m going to feature one from Amazon……honestly you really can find anything on Amazon these days!

Trying to find just one of these to feature was really hard, but I do like the soft blue background for her picture, there's just too many pink and black background Marilyn tees around!

Dance Tee

So You Think You Can Dance Australia has started again and my dd needs every episode recorded for her! She blew us away with her dancing on the weekend, she had about 6 months of hip hop lessons the year before last and yet she’s amazing. I don’t know where she even picks up some of her moves, it’s almost like she sees something on tv and then replicates it.

So I think it’s time I found some more money so that we could send her to get some formal training, if you’d like to help with her dancing fund then you could buy this tee :D

This is definitely going on the birthday buy list for her later on this year :)

Now for the actual info this tee is from Choice Shirts and also comes in Eat, Sleep, Golf; Eat, Sleep, Skate and loads of other activities for you to choose from. The tee is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, a fantastic gift for any dancer.

Valentine's Day Tees

Well Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so you’d better be in quick if you want to snap up a Valentine’s Day tee! I’ve found a few great ones on Zazzle, these two were designed by an online friend of mine called Sandy.

If you’re not really into Valentine’s Day you’ll love her Anti-Valentine Day range like this tee here –

Anti-Valentine's Day Boycott by Sandyspider
Buy a tee online from zazzle
Then again if you love Valentine’s Day she’s also got some cute designs such as this Valentine’s Day tee –

Grey Bear With Heart by Sandyspider
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Classic Blues Brothers Tee

I love the 80s and so wearing a retro 80s inspired tee shirt is something I enjoy doing. Last night someone mention the Blues Brothers and before you know it all of the guys were quoting huge sections of the movie. If you’re a fan of the Blues Brothers then you’ll love this Classic Blues Brothers Tee Shirt –

The Blues Brothers - White Logo


Buy at

If this tee doesn’t grab you, but you do like the Blues Brothers movie then you may want to check out my selection of Blues Brothers T-Shirts.

Until next time, make sure that you wear a tee that rocks!

It's All About Me Tee

Today's tee is a design I made myself on Zazzle. Zazzle is a great site for people to design their own products on from t-shirts to keychains you can upload pictures or photos and print them just for yourself or post them to sale - awesome!

It's All About Me Tee by lou165
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I hope you like this t-shirt I thought it was really's also going to be a birthday present for one of my friends who always seems to turn the conversation around to herself so much so that when she does we give her a look and she says, "I know, I know it's all about me!"

Who Came First?

The immortal question – who came first the chicken or the egg is the topic of today’s tee that rocks.

Courtesy of choice shirts this adult tee comes in 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

So who do you think came first? My 8 year old thought it was an easy question to answer…..she didn’t bargain on her parents though! “Of course it’s the egg because chickens come from eggs, don’t you know that,” “Well who laid the egg then Sweetie?” You can imagine the conversation as I’m sure it’s one all of us have had at some stage in our lives.

Heck and Gosh Devil Shirt

Well this tee tickled my funny bone today. It is courtesy of Funny T Shirts Inc and is made of 100% cotton. It’s available in a couple of different styles and is guaranteed to bring a smile to people’s faces!

Actually guarantee may be a strong word, but if you meet someone with a sense of humor I’m sure they’ll smile!!!

Welcome to Tees That Rock

I love t-shirts and there are so many great ones around. There are tees that tell the world what movies or tv you enjoy, whose music you listen to and then there are tees that tell people where you’ve been.

There are some great funny tees around as well, some can be a little risqué and some just make you giggle! I hope to bring you some great tees from around the internet to showcase. If you find a good tee please drop me a line so that I know where to look for my next ‘treasure.’

Today I’m just going to introduce you to a place where I keep quite a few of my t-shirt finds in one place online. It's called Lou's Tee-Ography and it's hosted on a Squidoo webpage. If you want to find out more about Squidoo then check out my Swimming With Giant Squid blog.