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T-Shirt of the Week - LOL

This weeks t-shirt of the week is a LOL shirt.   Now I must admit that it really irritates me when people say lol, because lets face it lol means laugh out loud and so if they're saying lol they're not laughing out loud are they?

However, my daughter says it all the time (she's a tween) and so do her friends so somehow I ended up popping it on a ringer tee and I thought it looked pretty good -

LOL SHIRT by lou165
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I've actually started to really like the look of the shirt now because it does make me think of my daughter so maybe she'll see one under the Christmas tree this year!  

Do you know someone who uses the word lol a lot?   If so then they'll love this shirt.

House MD T-Shirt

It's so sad to know that there will be no more House to watch as I loved the show, but you know you can always get a shirt in celebration of the doctor with no concept of bed side manners.

I'm sure there are other House tees available, but this is the first one I've seen and it has probably his most well known saying on it -

Now tell me did you like to watch House MD? Although at times the storylines could go a little awry in general they were pretty good, but the one thing that was always on form was Hugh Laurie's character Dr House himself.

Apparently Hugh Laurie was starting to get problems with his leg after walking with a limp so often on set, hopefully the end of House has come in time to stop those problems from developing into something more permanent because there's no Dr House to fix it for him!

TV Test Pattern T-Shirt

I love the TV test pattern shirt, I actually can still remember the very first one I saw years ago - it was purple with the well known test pattern across it.   The person who was wearing it had been given it as a gift so he didn't know where I could get one.

A few years passed before a funny television show about a few geeks hit television sets around the world - I'm talking about The Big Bang Theory.   When the main character - Sheldon - was seen wearing a television test pattern shirt on an episode you could suddenly find them available again.

Unfortunately I was unable to find one that was in my size at the local mall, but fortunately there are lots of places to find the shirt online like the one above.

I'm not sure exactly what it is that is so appealing about the shirt, there's just something very retro about it.   Now if only I could find one that shows the girl that used to appear on British televisions as one of the test patterns, thanks to Google I've dis…

Introducing T-Shirt of the Week - Leave Only Footsteps

I've decided I should introduce a t-shirt of the week post, so every Monday if you want to check it out I'll have a new t-shirt of the week for you to enjoy.

This week's t-shirt of the week is called Leave Only Footsteps and is a very stylish way of sending an eco-friendly message to everyone who sees you wearing it -

Leave Only Footprints Tee Shirts by lou165
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I think the t-shirt is really cool - don't you?   Of course I have to say that because it's one of my designs, but I love the purple tinge I've added to the sand as I think it makes people do a double take and hopefully that'll spread the message a bit more.