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Frog T-Shirts

I don't actually have a funny story to tell you about frogs I just thought that this frog t-shirt was really different and so I wanted to blog about it -

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What do you think of it?   I think the frogs are really bright and make the tee 'pop', but it's the peace sign in the middle of the tree that adds another dimension which really makes this frog tee a very unique and (in my opinion) cool t-shirt to wear.

Anyway I thought I'd look for a couple more frog t-shirts to show you as they are cute, but some of the brightest and gorgeous looking frogs are also very dangerous.   I remember reading an Agatha Christie book many, many years ago and the poison from a Poison Dart Frog was used to kill someone on a plane - not it sounded like fiction, but in actuality there are poison dart frogs and they are extremely venomous.

If you still want to look at frog t-shirts here are another couple.

Aren't these two frog shirts cu…

Elephant T-Shirts

Who doesn't love elephants?   There's something about their eyes that just say trust me.    I have found some great elephant t-shirts on Zazzle for you to admire -

Elephant Shirt by graehl
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The thing to remember if you're buying an elephant t-shirt is that if you (or the person you're buying the elephant tee for) is superstitious then you need to make sure the elephant's trunk is raised like above.   Now I love this elephant t-shirt below -

Elephant by miquem
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However it looks like the trunk is hanging down.   Apparently a raised trunk is what brings good luck so if I'm purchasing a lotto ticket I want to be wearing the top elephant tee not the second one!
I've always said I wanted to ride on an elephant although as I get older I'm not sure how I would feel once I was actually on one - have you seen how big they are?    The last time I was on the back of a horse (well ov…

Dolphin T-Shirts

I love dolphins, there's just something about them that make me feel happy when I see them in the water.   This dolphin t-shirt caught my eye and I had trouble looking away because it's very much like a dolphin picture I brought on my first overseas holiday with my husband.

I'm not sure what it is about dolphins, but I know I'm not the only one who is caught by their spell which is why I'm sure you'll all appreciate looking at the dolphin t-shirts I've found for you.

I do promise that when I say I've compiled some dolphin tees for you that they are with actual dolphins and not any sports teams :D

This next t-shirt is also one that's hard to look away from - have you noticed that so many images show dolphins swimming in the sunset?

I'm not sure exactly why that is except that both sunsets and dolphins are beautiful.   When I first moved to New Zealand my parents had a boat and I was looking forward to going out to sea with them and seeing all of …