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Lady Gaga Tees

I was busy looking in our local Target store today after a couple of last minute t-shirts to take away on holiday and would you believe it they had this Lady Gaga tee in there.

It's one of my favorite Lady Gaga tees at the moment and it's the first time that I've actually seen them in a store here in Australia.   Usually when I'm after a band tee I'll look online.........or buy at the concert if I'm lucky enough to go.

I didn't end up buying the t-shirt from the shop as it was cheaper for me to buy it online and I'm not sure that I can really carry off a Lady Gaga tee - I'm a little older than her usual audience and thanks to dd I'm feeling every bit of those years..............the beautiful little angel dropped a real clanger today, let me tell you more.

I had just spotted the Lady Gaga tee and continued around the stand to discover a range of t-shirts that looked awesome - this was my type of tee I thought to myself.   Enter the Little Miss - …

Beer Tees

March 1st is National Beer Day, when I mentioned this to my hubby he was very impressed because it also coincides with his boys week away that he takes every 2 years with some guys that he's been friends with since primary school.    Then I found this tee and he's torn between buying one each for the four of them or keeping quiet and just throwing out the quote at some stage during the week!   I think it's an absolute classic, what do you think?

DOG BEERS by tomEllefson
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Beer tees make great gift ideas for beer drinkers as they usually also have a great sense of humor, but what about the ladies who enjoy their beer.   Unfortunately there really doesn't seem to be a wide variety of beer t-shirts for us.   I did find this one that I thought would suit one of my friends, the beer looks really refreshing to me as I'm sitting here on a hot, humid night in the Australian summer!

Ladies Beer drinking shirts Ales Lagers Pilsners by Funkart
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Margarita Tees

February 22nd is National Margarita Day so it seems appropriate to showcase some fabulous Margarita tees so that you can get them in time to celebrate this delicious holiday!

This design says it all really - Peace, Love, sounds heavenly really, doesn't it?

Peace, Love, Margarita by totallypainted
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Now there are lots of different Margarita recipes available, so which one is your favorite?   If you can't decide then maybe this margarita t-shirt is for you -

Margaritas by totallypainted
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The margarita tee that really speaks to me though is this one -

Margarita Bungee! by Art_by_Alex
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I think it's hilarious and I must admit it would take a couple of margaritas before you'd get me bungee jumping!!

Which of these Margarita T-Shirts is your favorite?

Chocolate Tees

I'm talking about chocolate t-shirts today - two of my favorite things: chocolate and a comfy tee!   Now why have I got chocolate tees on my mind?   Well it's a funny story, but it's true and I'm only going to share it if you promise you're laughing with me not at me - okay?

My story involve this t-shirt -

WARNING, Chocolate makes clothes shrink... by lou165
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Now long time readers of this blog are probably aware that I designed this tee and I have to say that I love it and wear it a lot.   I always get lots of comments and people agreeing with me, I had planned to get some business cards made this year to hand out to people who do make a comment, but.......

My beautiful, gorgeous chocolate t-shirt has got a stain on it and .................wait for's chocolate!   Yes my hubby found it absolutely hilarious that I was innocently eating a chocolate mouse very delicately (okay I was woofing it down, but it was