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Alien's Go Home Tee!!

Well I've just started watching the series V and I thought this tee was appropriate. I vaguely remember the 80s series that V is based on (a remake?), but I only saw bits of it when I was at my cousin's house as we watched very little television when I was growing up.

I've only seen the first two episodes of this series, but hubby and I both agree that we're loving it, so someone needs to tell the 'visitors' to go home. Maybe by wearing these shirts!

This shirt is from Funny T Shirts Inc and is made of 100% cotton, it's sure to cause a laugh with some.

Easter's Coming!

I had quite a shock yesterday when I realised how close to Easter it was! I haven't brought any Easter goodies at all this year. I think dd is too old now for the Easter bonnet parade as she's in upper primary school now so there's been no notes home as a reminder :(

I think I'd better buy a few Easter eggs for the Easter Bilby (bunny everywhere else, but rabbits aren't allowed in Queensland, Australia!)to hide for her!

In line with the Easter theme I've selected this tee (which I also designed), if your child doesn't usually eat eggs I wonder if they'd mind this one!!!

I love eggs Easter tee by lou165
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Alice in Wonderland Tees

There are so many great Alice in Wonderland tees to choose from I've written a page on them! This one is from Zazzle and portrays good v evil.

Queen of Hearts White Witch Alice in Wonderland 2 by disney
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I have a selection of fantastic tees at Alice in Wonderland Tee-Shirts, please drop by and check them out!

Lady Gaga Tee

I know that I've shown a Lady Gaga tee before, but I've been watching her new video and this shirt represents a gesture that she often makes.

It's 100% cotton which is great for breathability and it's available from Amazon which means you know you're getting a good deal.

PacMan Tee

I love the 80s including 80s video games. My favorite one has to be Space Invaders, but PacMan comes in as a very close second. In fact whenever I see a PacMan poster or tee it makes me feel nostalgic!

Seeing as I'm feeling nostalgic I've brought you this PacMan tee courtesy of Zazzle.

Pac Man, I ain't 'fraid o' no ghost. by APRAStore
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You can find this tee and lots more of 80s gamer tees including Space Invaders, Zelda and Super Mario Bros on 80s Gamer Tees.

St Patrick's Day

It seems quite appropriate to feature a St Patrick's Day tee today as it's less than a week to go until we start painting the town green!

There are so many great St Patrick's Day tees around that it was hard to choose just one to feature, but this one courtesy of Just Irish Stuff really tickled my fancy. If you like it to feel free to click on it.

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