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Cow T-Shrits

Are you looking for a cow t-shirt?   I think cows are absolutely gorgeous which makes them a great inspiration for these cow tees.

I Love Cows by AnimalShirts
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Now you've heard the expression 'when pigs fly' well did you know that cows can (well not very successfully, but they try) ride on motorbikes?   It's true you know and the story involves my dad which so many funny tales seem to do..................hummmm.

First have you noticed that when you look at a herd of Friesian cows or Holstein cows (depending on where you live in the world) they all look the same - it's almost like a case of deja moo which brings me to this funny cow t-shirt.

deja moo by cfkaatje
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Back to cows on bikes or that should be one cow and one motorbike.   Let me start by saying that until the age of 8 when we moved into town we lived in the countryside.   My dad was riding home one day along a count…

Bear T-Shirts

What animal starts with B and looks good on a tee?   Well there are lots, but I decided I was going to showcase bear tees today and it has everything to do with this design -

Polar bear in a blizzard by cpvon777
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It just tickled my funny bone when I saw it and reminded me that I do have a bear story to share and it involves a polar bear........funnily enough my dad was with us on this occasion to but unlike the alligator story he wasn't tempting fate!   It actually happened in Sea World on Australia's Gold Coast.   We went to see the polar bears when my daughter was still in a stroller - she'd fallen asleep and we popped undercover where we could see up through the water and a polar bear was sunning itself on a rock.   For some reason my dad had put his camera away and mum was using her camera - hubby had mine.

Dad, myself and dd were underneath getting away from the heat and hubby and mum were still outside looking at the second …

Athens Tees & Auckland Tees - Travel T-Shirts

Did you know how many cities around the world start with the letter A?   The answer is heaps!   Actually I'm not sure exactly as the different websites show different amounts and I've seen some towns listed as cities........I know they are only towns because I've been there!   I guess different people call different things cities, I remember years ago being told that if there was a cathedral in the 'town' then that made it a city, no cathedral - no city!   I'm not sure if that was just another piece of misinformation from my childhood or if it was true - I'd love to hear your thoughts below.

Now back to tees, I was trying to think what places started with the letter A so that I could showcase some of their t-shirts for you and I realized that there's a couple of cities that I have visited that begin with the letter A so let's start with Athens

Greece Love by robby1982
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Athens, is of course in Gr…

Alligator T-Shirts

Would you like an alligator t-shirt?   I think I should definitely buy one for my father as he tells a great alligator story.......actually it's more a 'your mother!' type story than an alligator story, but here it goes....

A few years ago my parents visited Florida (I've never been there myself so if facts are wrong in this story I apologize) now apparently as they were in some party of Florida they say signs that I imagine looked like the one on this Alligator tee -

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Now my mom saw the sign and when my dad said - 'look' and decided to stop the car so that he could look at all of the (baby) alligators in the drains she told him not to get out..............of course dad being dad he got out!   Mom was not stepping foot outside of the car so that was fine, but when dad came back to the car he found he was locked out!

Mom had locked the doors to stop any alligators getting in!   I'm not quite sure wh…

Star Wars T-Shirts

When my hubby forwarded me an email featuring Obi Wan Kenobi saying may the fourth be with you I realized that it was Star Wars Day - I'm not sure how I missed it as it's the 5th here in Australia as I write this, but I still felt I needed to feature Star Wars tees today.

You can wear a Star Wars t-shirt with pride any day of the year, don't save it for May 4th and Star Wars Day.   I have a friend who would love to wear one to work every day, but working in the financial industry he has to stick with business attaire!

Chewbacca: Chewie is My Co-Pilot by starwars
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The only problem is which one - personally I like the classics like Chewbacca and I think this Star Wars tee is an awesome one, I mean who would you choose as a co-pilot??
Of course for my hubby I would have to go with a t-shirt featuring Yoda such as this Star Wars tee -

Yoda says Go Green by starwars
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Only because he does such a great Y…