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Justin Bieber T-Shirts

Well unless you've been living under a rock you would've heard of the young Canadian singer called Justin Bieber. When he was touring in Australia earlier this year he caused near riots as young girls were swooning all over the place reminiscent of the Beatles tour (way before I was born, but I've seen the television footage).

They have been calling the effect of Justin Bieber on his fans - Bieber Fever. As you can imagine with this huge following the demand for t-shirts bearing his image or name or both is througJustin Bieh the roof and I've compiled a great collection on my lens - Justin Bieber T-Shirts which will help if you're after a gift for your little Bieber fan or for yourself of course :)

At only 16 the hysteria that Justin Bieber has managed to whip up really is amazing and we can only wonder at what the next few years of his life will bring. He is trying to break into acting as well so that he can embrace the total package sort of like a male Miley…

Katy Perry Tees

Well with Katy Perry challenging Lady Gaga for the title of top pop princess it seemed only fair that I should devote a page to Katy Perry T-Shirts seeing as I have one on Lady Gaga's t-shirts!

Katy Perry doesn't seem to have as many tees just yet, but there are some cool ones to choose from including this cheeky one based on her first number one single - I Kissed a Girl.