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Lizard Tees

Yes, you read the title right I'm talking about lizard t-shirts today!   Why would I do a post on lizard tees?   Well it's to do with living where I do.......just going outside to hang out some washing you never know what you're going to find.   This little fellow was just the other side of our pool gate last week so I backed myself back up the stairs, grabbed my camera and was amazed to see he was still there!

The photo's not a great one, but the green stripes on this lizard's body was amazing and the tail just went on and on! Very different in looks to the dark lizards we often see and it stayed to pose (briefly anyways) unlike the enormous blue tongue lizard we had in the garden - that's a funny story so I'll tell you more after we look at some lizard tees!

Lizards Make Me Happy
by AllPetsStore
Lizards Rule!
by pink_dancer912

We hadn't lived in our house long and had a smallish garden bed at the bottom of our back stairs. I was walking past it when …

Rubber Ducky Tees

Do you have a rubber ducky? I think everyone has owned one at sometime in their life, I can't actually remember having one until recently when I discovered Celebriducks. My daughter had a few rubber duckies when she was younger though.

Why are we talking about rubber duckies? Well the 13th January is National Rubber Ducky day so I thought what a great time to wear a rubber ducky t-shirt!

rubber ducky by cheeseball93
Create customized tee shirts using zazzle

Doesn't this rubber ducky look so cute? Of course lots of people love rubber duckies from Ernie of Sesame Street fame to Queen Elizabeth II. We know that Ernie sings 'Oh Rubber Ducky, you're the one....' when he's in the bath with his rubber ducky, but what does the Queen sing to hers???

Interesting rubber ducky trivia - did you know that the first rubber ducky was invented in the late 1800s to keep babies and toddlers's good to know that in the 2000s it still has the ability to amu…

Computer Programmers Tees

January 7th is International Computer Programmer's Day so it seemed timely to look at the range of Computer Programmer tees that are available online.

Computer Programmer by vitiate
Use Zazzle's shirt designer
This one is a great tee that really says it all, I mean if you think about it without Programmers what would you be doing today? You certainly wouldn't be reading this blog post and as for your iphone - forget about it! Even paying for your groceries can't be done without a programmer somewhere along the way.

Computers are really running out lives and programmers run computers so giving them an International Day seems quite appropriate. Do you know any programmers? If you do then maybe you'd like to send them an e-card?

I love the quote on the website for International Programmers Day which says 'sick people get doctors, sick computers get programmers!'

I hope you enjoy the computer programmer tees, and if you're a programmer - Happy Progra…