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Easter Tees

Sometimes it can be fun to dress seasonally with an appropriate t-shirt, let's face it lots of people wear Christmas tees so why not Easter ones?   Yes it's a late Easter this year so you still have time to grab yourself a cool Easter tee like this funny one here -

Bite me chocolate bunny t-shirt by holiday_tshirts
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I even made my own version of an egg for Easter breakfast tee last year - would you like to see it?   Guess what type of eggs I like?   Well actually I like all eggs, but you'll get what I mean when you see this next Easter t-shirt -

I love eggs Easter tee by lou165
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There are lots of different types of Easter tees on Zazzle from the cute ones to the funny ones to the more serious side of Easter and I'm confident that you can find an Easter t-shirt to suit.  

Whether you're wearing an Easter tee for Easter or not I hope you have a very enjoyable Easter celebration with family and/or friends - and if you'…