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80s Movie Tees

Do you love 80s movies? There are some real classics as well as tees to compliment them such as this one from Back to the Future –

Back to the Future - Delorean Firetracks


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There are also great 80s movie tees from Flashdance, Beetlejuice, Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Platoon and many, many others. I’ve actually got a web page dedicated to 80s Movie Tees – I hope you find a perfect one to wear…..or even to buy as a gift :)

Star Wars Yoda Goes Green Tee

When I got up this morning (my morning for a lie-in, oh happy day!) hubby and daughter were watching Star Wars so when I spotted a Yoda inspired tee I just had to use it!

Yoda says Go Green by starwars
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From Zazzle you can choose your own color and style of tee to bear this design and I think it would also be a great gift idea. Let’s face it don’t we all know someone who loves Star Wars? I just wish I’d seen this tee a few months ago, but it’ll just have to wait until Christmas now :)

Rocky Tees

Rocky Balboa - The Italian Stallion
Rocky - One in a Million T-Shirt
Do you have a Rocky tee yet? You know who I mean Rocky Balboa........

The first Rocky movie was written by Sylvester Stallone and was released in 1976, 30 years later in 2006 the sixth Rocky movie was released. This franchise of movies has been hugely successful because everyone loves an underdog and Rocky was that loveable underdog. In my opinion Rocky V was where I didn't feel the need to cheer Rocky on, but when Rocky Balboa came out I could see him as an underdog again.

I believe that many people enjoyed Rocky Balboa because the people that grew up with the original Rocky movies are all getting older so we like to think that age is still no barrier!!

Rocky introduced us to an imperfect cast that included his best friend and then brother-in-law Paulie who drinks too much and pushes for Rocky to do things that he's not always wanting to do. Mickey, Rocky's trainer and manager. Adrian who's the love …

Friday is High Five Day

Celebrate High Five Day with this funny tee from Zazzle. It really tickled my fancy I must admit, it’s a great come back!

This tee is available in the style of your choice and a number of colors.

Facial High-Five Denial by renaessance
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Do You Love Tees?

Not only do I have this blog to share my favorite tees with you, but I also have my own Squidoo lens called Lou’s Tee-ography where I am collecting a number of different tees so if you’re looking for a bigger selection feel free to check it out.

Last night I was watching the Big Bang Theory – a fantastic show in my opinion and I think Sheldon would be the most annoying friend to have, but he sure does make the show funny.


One day I will attempt to compile a collection of the tees that he has worn on the show as I think that would be amazing, although I don’t have the time to do that just yet.