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The Big Bang Theory Costume Shirts

Wear a Big Bang Theory Costume Shirt This Halloween! If you're feeling a little bah humbug about getting a costume to wear this Halloween what about wearing a costume shirt instead?   These Big Bang Theory costume shirts will leave no one in doubt as to who you're supposed to be.
Whichever 'geek' you prefer - Sheldon, Leonard, Raj or Howard I've got a costume shirt you'll love, heck I wouldn't even wait for Halloween I'd wear one of these over a pair of jeans any day of the year and I'm not alone as I saw someone sporting the Sheldon costume shirt with some jeans at a local market a few weeks ago - it looked really cool!
If you prefer to wear a 'complete' costume then you should check out - The Big Bang Theory Costumes Page - otherwise one of these shirts is ideal as they look good and being t-shirts you just know they're comfy!
Sheldon Cooper Costume Shirt The Star of The Big Bang Theory
I don't care what anyone says I think Sheldo…