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Christmas Tees

Well the December Christmas holidays have started with dd's school break-up. The end of the school year 'down under'. We also went to see Santa at the mall last week. I think it's fantastic that dd9 may think she's all grown up, but she still believes - it's written all over her face and luckily I managed to capture that look of utter adulation on her face promptly emailed to grandparents!

She proceeded to talk poor Santa's ear off, luckily there wasn't a long line! Apparently she asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas and he'd requested cookies and milk. DD graciously offered to bake him some which really impressed and so guess what we'll be doing?

Santa's Ho-Ho-Holiday T-shirt for kids by kidsonly
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Santa, Don't Stop Believin' by jamierushad
make your own custom t-shirt at zazzleI couldn't really miss doing a Christmas tee special could I? So here are just a couple of the…

Rainy Day T-Shirts

Well it has been a really wet start to the summer here in South East Queensland - although NSW aren't fairing much better if pictures on the news are anything to go on. This is the view of one of our local footy grounds yesterday afternoon. This morning the sun was shining and I thought woo hoo! Very happy as I had to go in to school and see dd's teacher instead of using the drop off zone - my umbrella's broken and I haven't replaced it so getting wet wasn't appealing to me. Just before lunch the clouds opened up again and I can see a little river running rapidly down the road along the gutters.....I hate to think what the footy field looks like right now.

So this blog is about t-shirts, why am I writing about rain??? I thought I'd see what rain inspired tees I could find to feature on a rainy day blog! This one really tickled my fancy, although hubby didn't really get it when I showed him!

Every Time it Rains, it Rains Rain by larryunderwood
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Harry Potter T-Shirts

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Logo 1 by harrypotter
Well Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is at the movies and I was all set to go last weekend when my dd decided she didn't want to!! It seems she's no longer interested in seeing Harry Potter and my hubby hasn't really been keen. The reason I've been using is because dd wanted to see them and now she wants to leave me on a cliff hanger ##@@#@#@#!!!

Obviously not 'cool' with her new group of friends, but don't you hate it when they change their minds over things that they really, really wanted to do only a month ago. Thank goodness I hadn't got her any HP stuff for Christmas!!

The Harry Potter t-shirt above is a great gift idea for any Muggle who loves the books and/or movies. There is a whole range of Harry Potter merchandise available through Zazzle now which is awesome as their t-shirts are a great quality product....something you're not always sure of when purchasing o…

Justin Bieber T-Shirts

Well unless you've been living under a rock you would've heard of the young Canadian singer called Justin Bieber. When he was touring in Australia earlier this year he caused near riots as young girls were swooning all over the place reminiscent of the Beatles tour (way before I was born, but I've seen the television footage).

They have been calling the effect of Justin Bieber on his fans - Bieber Fever. As you can imagine with this huge following the demand for t-shirts bearing his image or name or both is througJustin Bieh the roof and I've compiled a great collection on my lens - Justin Bieber T-Shirts which will help if you're after a gift for your little Bieber fan or for yourself of course :)

At only 16 the hysteria that Justin Bieber has managed to whip up really is amazing and we can only wonder at what the next few years of his life will bring. He is trying to break into acting as well so that he can embrace the total package sort of like a male Miley…

Katy Perry Tees

Well with Katy Perry challenging Lady Gaga for the title of top pop princess it seemed only fair that I should devote a page to Katy Perry T-Shirts seeing as I have one on Lady Gaga's t-shirts!

Katy Perry doesn't seem to have as many tees just yet, but there are some cool ones to choose from including this cheeky one based on her first number one single - I Kissed a Girl.

Lady Gaga and It's All About Me!!

I updated my Lady Gaga Tees site last week with a few more Gagalicious tees for you to choose from - no meat ones yet, but I'm sure they're being produced as we speak LOL

I have been having a bit of success with one of my own tee designs of late, thanks to Zazzle that allows me to think of myself as a t-shirt designer! My 'It's All About Me' tee has been selling well - what do you think of it?

It's All About Me Tee by lou165
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Cat Lovers Tee

I spotted this tee and just had to share it, having owned a cat in the past (poor Tiger is now chasing birds somewhere over the rainbow)I could totally relate to this shirt.

Guide To My Emotions T-Shirt - $ 12.95

Adult T-Shirt: 100% preshrunk cotton, 5.6 oz with shoulder-to-shoulder tape with a seamless collar, and double needle construction throughout.

Adult Sweatshirt: Premium-weight, high quality garment made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt: 100% preshrunk cotton, 5.6 oz with shoulder-to-shoulder tape with a seamless collar, and double needle construction throughout.

Woman's T-Shirt Dress: 100% preshrunk heavyweight cotton, 5.6oz, bound neck, 37'' long, double needle sleeve and bottom hem.

Woman's Scoop Neck T-Shirt: 5.6 oz. heavyweight 100% cotton garment, preshrunk to keep its good looks. This female shirt has a bound neck, double-needle sleeves and a bottom hem.

Marilyn Monroe Tees

Marilyn Monroe is such an iconic figure that her image adorns countless items including tees. Marilyn Monroe tees seem to come in all shapes and sizes as well as a multitude of colors. I have a great collection of Marilyn Monroe tees for you to look at.

If you want something to whet your appetite with then here's is one of the most popular buys from my site -

Social Networking Snob Tee

If you're a social networker.....or you know someone who is then this is a fun tee to wear :)

New Friends Requests T-Shirt - $ 19.95
I'm cooler than you! Just see how many friends requests I get a day! This adult t-shirt is composed of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

Funny Sudoku Tee

I found this tee while browsing Zazzle - I do love that site as there are so many great designs to discover. I am so going to get this for my mother's birthday as she loves her sudoku and she's got a great sense of humor too!!

Do you like it?

I Know Sudoku Burnout Tee by TeeJunction
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Silence is Golden - Funny Tee

duct tape - silence is golden duct tape is silver by strk3
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This tee really made me smile today. It's a saying that I remember my hubby and his friends saying for a while a few years ago (must've been in a movie, tv show or part of someone's comedy routine because they were all saying it!!)

Not very politically correct, but I know my husband would love to wear it - what about you??

How I Met Your Mother Tees

Wearing a How I Met Your Mother t-shirt is a great way to let the world know how much you love this hit show. How I Met Your Mother is a really funny show that tells the story of a romance from before they ever met.......essentially this is a great way to tell the story of five friends who seem to spend all of their time together and the events that have led up to one of them being married with two children and recounting his youth. The show has a number of one-liners that really lend themselves to some fantastic How I Met Your Mother Tees which fans will adore.

The five main characters in the series are Ted (the father who is narrating the story), Robin (an ex-girlfriend), Barney (one of Ted's best friends), Marshall (Ted's roomie from college) and Lily (Marshall's college sweetheart). In my opinion the series owes the majority of it's laughs to Barney's character played by Neil Patrick Harris. Barney, in particular, is responsible for many of the fantastic How I …

Funny Geek Tees

Today’s tee just tickled my funny bone –

User Error by WeirdShirtShop
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I really don’t think there’s anything more to be said about it :D :D :D

Wonder Woman Tee

Do you remember Wonder Woman? I used to love that, a superhero who was a woman…..I used to spin around and pretend to turn into her!!

I asked my dd the other day who her favorite superhero was and she promptly replied Spiderman, thought for a minute and then said oh maybe Batman because his car’s cool! I asked her what about female superheros and she looked at me as though I was crazy and then said in a puzzled voice, but Hermoine isn’t a superhero she’s a wizard!!

I was so relieved to find that there is such a thing as a Wonder Woman Tee because now I can try and introduce my daughter to a female superhero!!

Create a customized tshirt on zazzle

I Love Chocolate Tees

More Than Chocolate by Sandyspider
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This tee comes courtesy of one of my online friends who obviously loves chocolate like I do so I couldn’t resist posting it for you!

You don’t always need great pictures or cool graphics if you choose the right words, I should wear this one on days when my Chocolate Warning tee needs washing…….from the chocolate stains :D

Did I mention I love chocolate, I also accept chocolate donations…….

Grumpy Tees

I swore that if my hubby didn’t stop being in a bad mood – must be his time of the month(!) – I’d have to buy him a Grumpy tee. Do you remember Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, I know you do :D

Anyway I created this page- The Seven Dwarfs T-Shirts and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people have been buying the tees. What has also surprised me is who the most popular dwarf is – it’s Bashful. I could have sworn that Grumpy would be the most popular, but I guess I’ve been proven wrong.

It is my blog though so I’m going to post a Grumpy tee here for you to look at.

Grumpy Walking Angrily Disney by disney
More Grumpy T-Shirts

Can you believe people would rather wear a t-shirt of Bashful over Grumpy?   It's very hard to believe, I would have thought if Grumpy had competition in the t-shirt stakes it would be from Dopey or Sleepy which just goes to show that you never can tell!

Twilight Eclipse Tee

I took my daughter to see the Eclipse movie recently which really made her day, but what made her day the following week was when she went to see another movie with her grandfather and came home with a free Eclipse poster! Imagine how she would feel if I got her this tee?

I think I’d win the mother of the year award! For now she might just have to settle for the poster and perhaps a Twilight Doll, although I’m not sure if she’d prefer an Edward or a Jacob doll – she did like the Jacob quote in the movie which goes. “Let’s face it I am hotter than you.”

Michael Jackson Tees

Michael Jackson Shirts - A Cool Way To Celebrate The King of Pop
Wearing a Michael Jackson shirt is a great way of showing your respect for the King of Pop and I have found a selection of great Michael Jackson t-shirts that you can purchase online with just a few clicks - what could be easier?

T-shirts are a great way to show off your likes and dislikes to the world as well as giving people a glimpse into your personality. Lots of people like to wear shirts representing their favorite musical acts such as Michael Jackson. I have found a collection of great Michael Jackson t-shirts which are sure to be a hit with any fan of the late King of Pop.

A Michael Jackson shirt is suitable for all ages, personally I can't remember a time when I wasn't listening to Michael on the radio and so I'd happily wear an MJ t-shirt. My daughter has 'discovered' Michael Jackson since his untimely death in 2009 - she's only 8 and she would absolutely love, love, love a Michael Ja…