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Breaking Dawn Tees | T-Shirts for Twihards

With the latest installment of the Twilight series of movies released there's still plenty of time to buy a Breaking Dawn t shirt as a great Christmas gift for the Twilhard in your life and don't we all have at least one that we know?

I haven't seen Breaking Dawn part one yet, but I have promised to take my daughter next week (too many crowds to go on the opening weekend) and she's really looking forward to it which is what made me think - what about all of the Breaking Dawn shirts that are bound to be available and here we are -

There you have it some tees that rock in the Twilight world. I'm not sure what one I'll get my daughter as my nieces will also want one each - do I get them all the same design or separate ones - decisions, decisions.

If you're after the latest in Twilight t-shirts then you've found them here and there's a great selection from the cast photo to the two lovers and even one to declare which team you're on - Edward or Ja…

Katy Perry T Shirts

Katy Perry shirts remain popular as the star seems to be showing no signs of dropping in popularity. The most popular Katy Perry shirt that I seem to sell is this one -

I'm not sure why this one is so popular, but I think it has something to do with her smile that seems to be saying 'I know a really good secret', forget the Mona Lisa, the Katy Perry smile is the one I prefer!

There are a few more Katy Perry shirts available at Katy Perry T Shirts, but not nearly as many different varieties as you would expect for such a superstar.   This does help with deciding which ones to buy however and remember Christmas will be here in no time so grab a Katy Perry shirt if you're buying a gift for one of her fans!

Justin Bieber T Shirts

Yet again the Canadian singer Justin Bieber is still selling shirts, his popularity doesn't look like waning anytime soon so he graces this blog with his t shirts once again! Justin Bieber T Shirts look like being a hot gift idea again this Christmas (yes I said the C word), with October hurtling past at far too greater speed we really need to start thinking about Christmas gifts and you know what I think?

A t shirt is a great gift idea for anyone in your life!  It's just a case of finding the shirt to suit the person and if there's a JB fan in your life then these Justin Bieber shirts are bound to impress -

With so many great Justin Bieber tees available I just so happened to compile a webpage dedicated to them which can be found at Justin Bieber T Shirts.

Do You Have a Google Shirt?

We've all become accustomed to the primary colored logo that Google traditionally uses over the years, but in more recent times we've also enjoyed some of the Google artwork that they've produced - for a while I had to log on to Google every day just so my daughter could see what it looked like!

The good news is that if you love the Google doodles as they're called you can now get them on a t-shirt, yes you heart right these are some cool Google shirts the only problem is choosing which Google shirt you want.

I missed seeing the Google dragon boat doodle on Google itself, but it sure looks cool as a shirt -

Dragon Boat Festival, Basic AA Tee by GoogleDoodles
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Not into dragons?   That's okay there are lots of different t-shirts to choose from you could have a St Patty's Day Google Shirt, an election day Google shirt or many others - let's have a look at some of them.

I particularly liked the Vincent Van Gogh one, but it real…

Angry Birds Shirts Rock!

Angry Birds T-shirts are great and are sure to be a popular gift idea this Christmas as they continue to rise in popularity why even the latest social networking site - google plus - has the Angry Birds game available to play.

Angry Birds have well and truly taken over popular culture at the moment and are even more popular (dare I say it) than Twilight - quick time to make an Angry Birds movie!

I'll just ask you to answer one question for me - are you an Angry Birds Addict?

If you are then this is the shirt for you! There are lots of Angry Birds t-shirts available these days in fact I was surprised at how big the range has become so I've compiled a webpage just for you - Buy An Angry Birds T Shirt - I hope to see you over there, you can even vote for your favorite Angry Birds shirt while you're there.

Halloween T-Shirts

Well it'll soon be October and that means - Halloween!   So forget about what Halloween costume you're going to wear this year it's time to shop for your Halloween tee, yes Halloween t-shirts are a great thing to wear in the lead up to All Hallows Eve.

There are so many cute ones to choose from it's hard to know where to start, but here are a couple that I like -

You can also find a few great shirts at Halloween Inspired T-Shirts.

Of course you could always use a t-shirt like this -

Zombie Dance Crew T-Shirt by jamierushad
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This is a way of having a Halloween inspired shirt that can be worn throughout the year......and my 10 year old thinks it's really, really cool.

Saving the best for last though is this evil eyes t-shirt which in the words of my daughter is 'just creepy' - I love it roll on Halloween!

Green Evil Eyes Shirt by Celebration4all
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I hope you've f…

Lady Gaga T-Shirts

I know I've written about Lady Gaga t-shirts before, but I have just come across a Lady Gaga shirt that I just had to share -

I thought this was an awesome looking shirt that was quite different from other t-shirts around in face it was so cool that it really deserved to be call a Tee That Rocks!

Looking like a leather jacket this is one of Lady Gaga's Born This Way T-Shirts which are all really cool.   Lady Gaga t shirts have been proven to be continually popular and they don't look like slowing down any time soon so if you know a Lady Gaga fan then what about getting them a shirt for Christmas?

Now before you start thinking 'hang on it's only September,' let me tell you something about this great site - Lady Gaga T-Shirts - it's one that I've compiled and it needs updating far more than any of my other t-shirt sites (and that includes the Justin Bieber and Katy Perry ones) because they keep selling out.  

My advice - if you're planning on getting …

Twilight T Shirts

With the upcoming movie from the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn - soon to be released it's a great time to look at some Twilight shirts and I'm going to start with one from the latest movie -

Forever is only the beginning is another quote that is bound to have girls swooning around the world and as the movie will be coming out in November this Twilight Breaking Dawn shirt would make a great Christmas gift.

There are lots of other twilight t-shirts available including these -

Inspired by broody Edward these Twilight shirts will be a hit with any Edward Cullen fan!

Then of course there's always this next Twilight t shirt which is great for someone who loves everyone in Twilight -

Shopaholic T-Shirts

If you know someone who enjoys shopping then a Shopaholic t-shirt would be a great gift idea. If you like shopping yourself then maybe you should exercise some of your online shopping skills to check out the awesome selecion of shopaholic shirts that are available -

This is one of my favorite shopaholic shirts and I'm thinking that it might be fun to wear this t-shirt next time I want to get attention while I'm shopping - I wonder if it would give me the opposite reaction of the infamous one in Pretty Woman where the shop assistant won't serve Julia Roberts?

If you've tried it let me know and when I do try I'll be sure to check back with you guys.   For now I've compiled a lovely selection of these t-shirts at the aptly named Shopaholic T-Shirts site.

Shaun of the Dead T-Shirts

I must admit I'm not really a huge fan of Zombie movies, but I absolutely loved Shaun of the Dead.   I found it hilarious when he left his house and walked to the corner shop for a drink totally missing the destruction and zombie in the street and the bloody handprint on the fridge in the shop.   He really was just thinking about himself and I was laughing and hooked into the movie from then on.

There are some great Shaun of the Dead shirts available and I've decided to compile some here for you -

If you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead then you really want to watch it because it's funny and here's Shaun's big plan -

Buy This
It all sounds so simple really doesn't it?    Of course it isn't and the team of  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make you laugh throughout the film - I must admit I am a little biased as I think the duo work well together and I enjoy their movies.

Back to Shaun of the Dead shirts, it's really hard to choose just one Shau…

The Beatles T-Shirts

No matter what style of music you enjoy listening to you must have heard of the Beatles, even if you've been living in a cave in Afghanistan!   Love them or hate them the Beatles music seems to infiltrate through generations with the staying power that many other artists could only dream of.

Why am I talking about the Beatles?   Because I enjoy their music myself, there's something about the hook which has me singing along when one of their songs comes onto the radio.   I have also noticed that the Beatles t-shirts are also classic shirts and are seen on young and old alike.
I was walking in the mall trying to get last minute things for my daughter's school camp only the other day and I saw no less than 3 people wearing Beatles t-shirts which may not sound so surprising, but if you had seen them they all looked like they had totally different interests and you wouldn't have envisaged them in a room together and yet they were all wearing different versions of these tees…

T-Shirt Sale!

I purchase my t-shirts in lots of places both online and offline, but one of the companies that have some awesome t-shirts available to purchase online have just informed me of a sale which I thought I would share with you.
Teeshirtsrock.comare the company in question, so if you're looking for a great tee at a cool price check them out today and use the coupon code REMEMBER11 for 35% off from now until Sunday and don't say I don't give you anything :)
My hubby may finally get a Hangover 2 t-shirt as they have a couple on the site whereas I really can't decide what t-shirt I'm going to buy.
I sell a lot of Katy Perry t-shirts through this site as they have a great selection at affordable prices.......and that's without the extra 35% off.
My daughter's birthday is coming up so I may just buy her a Justin Bieber t-shirt, this site has loads of them available so it might even be a good idea for me to purchase a few for when it's her friend's birthdays - oh …

Superman Tess - A Family Favorite

There's something about a Superman t-shirt that everyone in the family loves from the youngest member to the oldest - Superman really is a family favorite when it comes to superheroes!   So do you have a Superman t-shirt yet?
There are some cool Superman t-shirts to choose from.   This child's Superman t-shirt includes the classic S logo along with shading on the shirt to represent a six pack.    That's not all though, this t-shirt hides a secret which will make your child very happy - it has a Superman cape attached to the back - how cool is that?
This Superman tee really is a cross between a t-shirt and your child's very own Superman costume!
Of course there are lots of different Superman t-shirts for adults as well, although I haven't seen any with a cape attached :(
I have compiled a selection of fantastic Superman t-shirts for adults at the strangely named Superman T-Shirts site that I have!   This includes classic logos along with some cool retro designs and Super…

Angry Birds T-Shirts

Looking for an Angry Birds T-Shirt? Well I have a few for you so let's start looking at them -

Buy This A is for Anger is a pretty good logo for these birds because they are the Angry Birds!

You see the Pigs have stolen their eggs and so they have to destroy the pigs which is where you come in.............if you haven't played Angry Birds before you're probably wondering what I'm going on about.
In the popular game you basically have to catapult the Angry Birds so that they destroy all of the pigs (or monkeys depending on which Angry Birds game you have).

Angry Birds have become huge, the premise of the game is very simple and yet somehow it's touched gamers in a way that similar games such as Crush the Castle have been unable to which has resulted in a range of different Angry Birds merchandise including some awesome Angry Birds t-shirts.

Buy This Angry Birds - Flip the Bird T-Shirt Here.
I love the double entendre in this woman's t-shirt and am t…

Captain America T-Shirts

Are you a fan of Marvel comic's Captain America? Perhaps you just like the look of the blockbuster movie soon due for release - Captain America: The First Avenger. Whichever version of Captain America you like there's a Captain America t-shirt to suit.

From the clasic Captain America shield to vintage comic t-shirts and so much more there are so many cool t-shirts to choose from you'll wonder why you left it so long before buying a Captain America t-shirt.

If you want to check out a great selection then you're in luck as I've compiled a webpage chock full of awesome Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty - T-Shirts for you to check out at the aptly named Captain America T-Shirts!

Before you go here's a cool version of a Captain America tee.

Talk about a physique! You can probably feel his muscles when you're wearing this particular t-shirt.

In the upcoming movie Chris Evans is playing the role of Captain America and even though he's pretty buff gener…

Frog T-Shirts

I don't actually have a funny story to tell you about frogs I just thought that this frog t-shirt was really different and so I wanted to blog about it -

Buy This Peace Tree Frog T-Shirt from
What do you think of it?   I think the frogs are really bright and make the tee 'pop', but it's the peace sign in the middle of the tree that adds another dimension which really makes this frog tee a very unique and (in my opinion) cool t-shirt to wear.

Anyway I thought I'd look for a couple more frog t-shirts to show you as they are cute, but some of the brightest and gorgeous looking frogs are also very dangerous.   I remember reading an Agatha Christie book many, many years ago and the poison from a Poison Dart Frog was used to kill someone on a plane - not it sounded like fiction, but in actuality there are poison dart frogs and they are extremely venomous.

If you still want to look at frog t-shirts here are another couple.

Aren't these two frog shirts cu…

Elephant T-Shirts

Who doesn't love elephants?   There's something about their eyes that just say trust me.    I have found some great elephant t-shirts on Zazzle for you to admire -

Elephant Shirt by graehl
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The thing to remember if you're buying an elephant t-shirt is that if you (or the person you're buying the elephant tee for) is superstitious then you need to make sure the elephant's trunk is raised like above.   Now I love this elephant t-shirt below -

Elephant by miquem
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However it looks like the trunk is hanging down.   Apparently a raised trunk is what brings good luck so if I'm purchasing a lotto ticket I want to be wearing the top elephant tee not the second one!
I've always said I wanted to ride on an elephant although as I get older I'm not sure how I would feel once I was actually on one - have you seen how big they are?    The last time I was on the back of a horse (well ov…

Dolphin T-Shirts

I love dolphins, there's just something about them that make me feel happy when I see them in the water.   This dolphin t-shirt caught my eye and I had trouble looking away because it's very much like a dolphin picture I brought on my first overseas holiday with my husband.

I'm not sure what it is about dolphins, but I know I'm not the only one who is caught by their spell which is why I'm sure you'll all appreciate looking at the dolphin t-shirts I've found for you.

I do promise that when I say I've compiled some dolphin tees for you that they are with actual dolphins and not any sports teams :D

This next t-shirt is also one that's hard to look away from - have you noticed that so many images show dolphins swimming in the sunset?

I'm not sure exactly why that is except that both sunsets and dolphins are beautiful.   When I first moved to New Zealand my parents had a boat and I was looking forward to going out to sea with them and seeing all of …

Cow T-Shrits

Are you looking for a cow t-shirt?   I think cows are absolutely gorgeous which makes them a great inspiration for these cow tees.

I Love Cows by AnimalShirts
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Now you've heard the expression 'when pigs fly' well did you know that cows can (well not very successfully, but they try) ride on motorbikes?   It's true you know and the story involves my dad which so many funny tales seem to do..................hummmm.

First have you noticed that when you look at a herd of Friesian cows or Holstein cows (depending on where you live in the world) they all look the same - it's almost like a case of deja moo which brings me to this funny cow t-shirt.

deja moo by cfkaatje
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Back to cows on bikes or that should be one cow and one motorbike.   Let me start by saying that until the age of 8 when we moved into town we lived in the countryside.   My dad was riding home one day along a count…

Bear T-Shirts

What animal starts with B and looks good on a tee?   Well there are lots, but I decided I was going to showcase bear tees today and it has everything to do with this design -

Polar bear in a blizzard by cpvon777
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It just tickled my funny bone when I saw it and reminded me that I do have a bear story to share and it involves a polar bear........funnily enough my dad was with us on this occasion to but unlike the alligator story he wasn't tempting fate!   It actually happened in Sea World on Australia's Gold Coast.   We went to see the polar bears when my daughter was still in a stroller - she'd fallen asleep and we popped undercover where we could see up through the water and a polar bear was sunning itself on a rock.   For some reason my dad had put his camera away and mum was using her camera - hubby had mine.

Dad, myself and dd were underneath getting away from the heat and hubby and mum were still outside looking at the second …

Athens Tees & Auckland Tees - Travel T-Shirts

Did you know how many cities around the world start with the letter A?   The answer is heaps!   Actually I'm not sure exactly as the different websites show different amounts and I've seen some towns listed as cities........I know they are only towns because I've been there!   I guess different people call different things cities, I remember years ago being told that if there was a cathedral in the 'town' then that made it a city, no cathedral - no city!   I'm not sure if that was just another piece of misinformation from my childhood or if it was true - I'd love to hear your thoughts below.

Now back to tees, I was trying to think what places started with the letter A so that I could showcase some of their t-shirts for you and I realized that there's a couple of cities that I have visited that begin with the letter A so let's start with Athens

Greece Love by robby1982
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Athens, is of course in Gr…