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New York T-Shirts

New York, New York, everyone loves (or should that be hearts?) NY don't they?   One thing is for sure they do love to wear a New York t-shirt or two and there's so many to choose from.   The classic I heart NY is so last century let's have a look at some other New York tees -

What do you think of this selection of NY t-shirts - do you see one that you like?   All four of these t-shirts are made by Zazzle which means they come with a 100% customer guarantee so you don't have to take my word that they are great quality - you've got nothing to lose by ordering one yourself.

I do like the NYC t-shirt on the top line, it's pretty cool whereas I could see my hubby wearing the apple t-shirt - I'd love to know which one is your favorite.

If none of them appeals to you then check out a bigger selection of New York t-shirts here.

Wear a Chocolate T-Shirt on July 7th!

July 7th is Chocolate Day so why not wear a chocolate inspired t-shirt?   It will certainly get worn a lot as there are a lot of different chocolate holidays to celebrate every year and who doesn't want to celebrate chocolate honestly?

I feel I should give a little warning before Chocolate Day gets here though and I just so happen to have found one in the form of a t-shirt that I'm sure you'll love .....

WARNING, Chocolate makes clothes shrink... Shirts by lou165
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I should mention that I have this t-shirt and it really does get a lot of people talking to you and they all agree with the sentiment (well all bar one, but she was in a bad mood at the time!)

Let's see what other chocolate t-shirts we can find for you to help celebrate this delicious day (or to wear any time really)

Chocolate Rules T Shirts by TLArnold2
See more Chocolate T-Shirts
Stay Happy and Eat More Chocolate T-shirts by ScarySheep
Make tshirt online at
Chocolate …

Kiwi Inspired T-Shirts

If you're looking for Kiwi inspired t-shirts then let me tell you about a Zazzle store that I know of.   It's called Kiwiana Shop and it has a range of different products, but mainly t-shirts (both short and long sleeved ones).

The most popular Kiwi t-shirt seems to be this one -

Nek Minnit T-shirt by kiwianashop
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Which is hardly a surprise given the popularity of this Kiwi saying which went global thanks to Youtube!   There are other Kiwi tees on offer and the next most popular product sold is actually another Kiwi saying -

Yeah Nah Bro Tee Shirts by kiwianashop
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These t-shirt designs are also available in long sleeved tees and hoodies as well so you can proudly sport a Kiwi slogan all year round whatever the temperatures are!