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New Zealand Inspired Tees

I'm off to New Zealand in a few days - I've had so many trips to NZ over the past year that I can't believe that I haven't posted any New Zealand t-shirts, it's such a great opportunity.    Check this one out -

down under by curiouskiwi
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If you don't know where New Zealand is you can see by the tee that it's 'down under' in fact Kiwi's often refer to Australia as the West Island because it's a little over 3 hour plane ride away - the top island on the tee is called the North Island and the lower one is called the South Island so Kiwi's really do need a West Island don't they?

Australians on the other hand feel that New Zealand should just admit it's merely another Australian state!

When I was told we were emigrating to New Zealand (I was a teen) the only thing I knew was that we got our lamb from New Zealand - there were lots of sheep there -

Jumping Sheeps by Arbaes
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Tees with Memories

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to find a Born in the USA t-shirt, it was totally unexpected as I was actually looking through some cheap, I mean economically sensible, shirts for hubby when I spotted it.   Apparently my eyes lit up so hubby had to say those words we all love to hear - "Buy it!"

I used to love Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album and would play it constantly as a teen.   I was very considerate towards my family by the way - I always made sure that the record player (yes, the album was on vinyl) was turned up loud so that they could all enjoy the Boss belting out his songs!

Buying the t-shirt brought back lots of memories and isn't it great that a simple piece of clothing could do that?   That is the beauty of t-shirts, you can wear them in comfort while reliving past memories.   March 21st is National Memory Day so why don't you celebrate the day by wearing a tee that brings back memories for you?

My hubby was looking for Bluto t-shirts a c…

St Patrick's Day Tees

Well it's March already and it's time to turn out all of your green clothing in preparation for that special day on March 17th - St Patrick's Day.   Whether you'll be celebrating with your family and watching Irish dancing, telling tall stories and eating green food or if you're out literally trying to paint the town green you need a St Patrick's Day tee to do it justice.

I have a selection of St Patrick's Day T-Shirts for you to look at if you click the link.   I've also found a few more which I'm adding here for you to look at.

Buy Me A Beer St. Patrick's Day American Apparel T by koncepts
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This Is No Time To Be Sober! by Shamrockz
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The Green Mile T-Shirt by glenndesigns
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Isn't if funny how all of the cool St Patrick's Day tees have something to do with drinking, hmmmmm.....   Have a fantastic St Patrick's Day wherever you are and the best of Ir…