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Shopaholic T-Shirts

If you know someone who enjoys shopping then a Shopaholic t-shirt would be a great gift idea. If you like shopping yourself then maybe you should exercise some of your online shopping skills to check out the awesome selecion of shopaholic shirts that are available -

This is one of my favorite shopaholic shirts and I'm thinking that it might be fun to wear this t-shirt next time I want to get attention while I'm shopping - I wonder if it would give me the opposite reaction of the infamous one in Pretty Woman where the shop assistant won't serve Julia Roberts?

If you've tried it let me know and when I do try I'll be sure to check back with you guys.   For now I've compiled a lovely selection of these t-shirts at the aptly named Shopaholic T-Shirts site.

Shaun of the Dead T-Shirts

I must admit I'm not really a huge fan of Zombie movies, but I absolutely loved Shaun of the Dead.   I found it hilarious when he left his house and walked to the corner shop for a drink totally missing the destruction and zombie in the street and the bloody handprint on the fridge in the shop.   He really was just thinking about himself and I was laughing and hooked into the movie from then on.

There are some great Shaun of the Dead shirts available and I've decided to compile some here for you -

If you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead then you really want to watch it because it's funny and here's Shaun's big plan -

Buy This
It all sounds so simple really doesn't it?    Of course it isn't and the team of  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make you laugh throughout the film - I must admit I am a little biased as I think the duo work well together and I enjoy their movies.

Back to Shaun of the Dead shirts, it's really hard to choose just one Shau…

The Beatles T-Shirts

No matter what style of music you enjoy listening to you must have heard of the Beatles, even if you've been living in a cave in Afghanistan!   Love them or hate them the Beatles music seems to infiltrate through generations with the staying power that many other artists could only dream of.

Why am I talking about the Beatles?   Because I enjoy their music myself, there's something about the hook which has me singing along when one of their songs comes onto the radio.   I have also noticed that the Beatles t-shirts are also classic shirts and are seen on young and old alike.
I was walking in the mall trying to get last minute things for my daughter's school camp only the other day and I saw no less than 3 people wearing Beatles t-shirts which may not sound so surprising, but if you had seen them they all looked like they had totally different interests and you wouldn't have envisaged them in a room together and yet they were all wearing different versions of these tees…

T-Shirt Sale!

I purchase my t-shirts in lots of places both online and offline, but one of the companies that have some awesome t-shirts available to purchase online have just informed me of a sale which I thought I would share with you.
Teeshirtsrock.comare the company in question, so if you're looking for a great tee at a cool price check them out today and use the coupon code REMEMBER11 for 35% off from now until Sunday and don't say I don't give you anything :)
My hubby may finally get a Hangover 2 t-shirt as they have a couple on the site whereas I really can't decide what t-shirt I'm going to buy.
I sell a lot of Katy Perry t-shirts through this site as they have a great selection at affordable prices.......and that's without the extra 35% off.
My daughter's birthday is coming up so I may just buy her a Justin Bieber t-shirt, this site has loads of them available so it might even be a good idea for me to purchase a few for when it's her friend's birthdays - oh …