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Breaking Dawn Tees | T-Shirts for Twihards

With the latest installment of the Twilight series of movies released there's still plenty of time to buy a Breaking Dawn t shirt as a great Christmas gift for the Twilhard in your life and don't we all have at least one that we know?

I haven't seen Breaking Dawn part one yet, but I have promised to take my daughter next week (too many crowds to go on the opening weekend) and she's really looking forward to it which is what made me think - what about all of the Breaking Dawn shirts that are bound to be available and here we are -

There you have it some tees that rock in the Twilight world. I'm not sure what one I'll get my daughter as my nieces will also want one each - do I get them all the same design or separate ones - decisions, decisions.

If you're after the latest in Twilight t-shirts then you've found them here and there's a great selection from the cast photo to the two lovers and even one to declare which team you're on - Edward or Ja…