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Not Even Owl T-Shirt - Another Kiwiana Shirt

I've just got back from three weeks in NZ which means I've heard all of the usual sayings including one of my niece's current favorite - 'not even owl'.   I must admit that I don't particularly like this saying when my hubby uses it on occasion (especially after spending time with fellow Kiwis), but out of a young girls mouth I thought it sounded really cute!

If you love the Kiwi saying - Not even owl - then I hope you'll enjoy this take on it -

Not Even Owl Tees by kiwianashop
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You can get this in any style of t-shirt you like from the traditional tee here -

Not Even Owl T-shirt by kiwianashop
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to a ladies spaghetti shirt like this one -

Not Even Owl T-shirt by kiwianashop
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I love the use of the owl picture instead of the word - it brings a smile to my face when I look at it.   I'm thinking that I'll probably be buying a basic kids t-shirt with this design on it for Christmas this year,…

T-Shirt of the Week - Pirate Sheep

As it'll be Talk Like a Pirate Day again on the 19th September I thought I'd better look for a t-shirt that related in some way to pirates for this week's t-shirt of the week and when I found this one, well ...... check it out -

Pirate Sheep with Eyepatch Tshirts by TypographicTees
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I just couldn't resist a pirate sheep was just something I found funny, but even though I laughed I can actually strangely hear a sheep saying Baarrr! can't you?

If you want some more serious pirate t-shirts to wear while you talk like a pirate then be sure to check out the pirate t-shirt selection here - pirate shirts.   Personally I think it's a chance to grab out your pirate costume and give it an airing before Halloween strikes, make sure you have all of your accessories and that the costume still fits since last year etc.

However you're celebrating the 19th, make sure to have a great time.

T-Shirt of the Week - Keep Calm and Bazinga!

This week's t-shirt of the week is one that all fans of The Big Bang Theory will love, check it out -

I love this shirt as it incorporates two fun and popular things - the Keep Calm phenomenon that everyone seems to love and one of the funniest shows on television at the moment.

For those who need it explained - just watch the show!

T-Shirt of the Week - Scooby Doo

I love Scooby Doo, in fact I've yet to find someone who doesn't like this cartoon dog that's scared of his own shadow!    I think it's time to all band together and wear a Scooby t-shirt like this one which is this week's t-shirt of the week.

New Scooby Doo Review Pose 12 T Shirts by scoobydoo
Personalize shirt designs at Zazzle

Isn't it a cool Scooby Doo t-shirt?   If you like Scooby Doo you'll probably be happy to hear that there's a plethora of different Scooby tees available to purchase online in fact I've even written about them here -
Scooby Doo T-Shirts, Something the Whole Family Can Wear!
The Scooby t-shirt above is a licensed shirt made by Zazzle which means you can be assured of it's quality and also it comes in sizes for everyone from baby to grandpa!

T-Shirt of the Week - LOL

This weeks t-shirt of the week is a LOL shirt.   Now I must admit that it really irritates me when people say lol, because lets face it lol means laugh out loud and so if they're saying lol they're not laughing out loud are they?

However, my daughter says it all the time (she's a tween) and so do her friends so somehow I ended up popping it on a ringer tee and I thought it looked pretty good -

LOL SHIRT by lou165
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I've actually started to really like the look of the shirt now because it does make me think of my daughter so maybe she'll see one under the Christmas tree this year!  

Do you know someone who uses the word lol a lot?   If so then they'll love this shirt.

House MD T-Shirt

It's so sad to know that there will be no more House to watch as I loved the show, but you know you can always get a shirt in celebration of the doctor with no concept of bed side manners.

I'm sure there are other House tees available, but this is the first one I've seen and it has probably his most well known saying on it -

Now tell me did you like to watch House MD? Although at times the storylines could go a little awry in general they were pretty good, but the one thing that was always on form was Hugh Laurie's character Dr House himself.

Apparently Hugh Laurie was starting to get problems with his leg after walking with a limp so often on set, hopefully the end of House has come in time to stop those problems from developing into something more permanent because there's no Dr House to fix it for him!

TV Test Pattern T-Shirt

I love the TV test pattern shirt, I actually can still remember the very first one I saw years ago - it was purple with the well known test pattern across it.   The person who was wearing it had been given it as a gift so he didn't know where I could get one.

A few years passed before a funny television show about a few geeks hit television sets around the world - I'm talking about The Big Bang Theory.   When the main character - Sheldon - was seen wearing a television test pattern shirt on an episode you could suddenly find them available again.

Unfortunately I was unable to find one that was in my size at the local mall, but fortunately there are lots of places to find the shirt online like the one above.

I'm not sure exactly what it is that is so appealing about the shirt, there's just something very retro about it.   Now if only I could find one that shows the girl that used to appear on British televisions as one of the test patterns, thanks to Google I've dis…

Introducing T-Shirt of the Week - Leave Only Footsteps

I've decided I should introduce a t-shirt of the week post, so every Monday if you want to check it out I'll have a new t-shirt of the week for you to enjoy.

This week's t-shirt of the week is called Leave Only Footsteps and is a very stylish way of sending an eco-friendly message to everyone who sees you wearing it -

Leave Only Footprints Tee Shirts by lou165
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I think the t-shirt is really cool - don't you?   Of course I have to say that because it's one of my designs, but I love the purple tinge I've added to the sand as I think it makes people do a double take and hopefully that'll spread the message a bit more.

New York T-Shirts

New York, New York, everyone loves (or should that be hearts?) NY don't they?   One thing is for sure they do love to wear a New York t-shirt or two and there's so many to choose from.   The classic I heart NY is so last century let's have a look at some other New York tees -

What do you think of this selection of NY t-shirts - do you see one that you like?   All four of these t-shirts are made by Zazzle which means they come with a 100% customer guarantee so you don't have to take my word that they are great quality - you've got nothing to lose by ordering one yourself.

I do like the NYC t-shirt on the top line, it's pretty cool whereas I could see my hubby wearing the apple t-shirt - I'd love to know which one is your favorite.

If none of them appeals to you then check out a bigger selection of New York t-shirts here.

Wear a Chocolate T-Shirt on July 7th!

July 7th is Chocolate Day so why not wear a chocolate inspired t-shirt?   It will certainly get worn a lot as there are a lot of different chocolate holidays to celebrate every year and who doesn't want to celebrate chocolate honestly?

I feel I should give a little warning before Chocolate Day gets here though and I just so happen to have found one in the form of a t-shirt that I'm sure you'll love .....

WARNING, Chocolate makes clothes shrink... Shirts by lou165
Put pictures on shirts at zazzle.
I should mention that I have this t-shirt and it really does get a lot of people talking to you and they all agree with the sentiment (well all bar one, but she was in a bad mood at the time!)

Let's see what other chocolate t-shirts we can find for you to help celebrate this delicious day (or to wear any time really)

Chocolate Rules T Shirts by TLArnold2
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Stay Happy and Eat More Chocolate T-shirts by ScarySheep
Make tshirt online at
Chocolate …

Kiwi Inspired T-Shirts

If you're looking for Kiwi inspired t-shirts then let me tell you about a Zazzle store that I know of.   It's called Kiwiana Shop and it has a range of different products, but mainly t-shirts (both short and long sleeved ones).

The most popular Kiwi t-shirt seems to be this one -

Nek Minnit T-shirt by kiwianashop
Create t shirt.
Which is hardly a surprise given the popularity of this Kiwi saying which went global thanks to Youtube!   There are other Kiwi tees on offer and the next most popular product sold is actually another Kiwi saying -

Yeah Nah Bro Tee Shirts by kiwianashop
Design your own t shirt at

These t-shirt designs are also available in long sleeved tees and hoodies as well so you can proudly sport a Kiwi slogan all year round whatever the temperatures are!

Margarita T-Shirts

Well as February rolls on so does Margarita Day which occurs every year on February 22nd.   Who doesn't love a margarita?   It appears that lots of people enjoy margaritas which is why there's lots of margarita merchandise available including, you've guessed it, t-shirts.

The margarita tees I've found for you today are all from Zazzle so you can be sure that they're made to the highest quality - I'm very happy with my Zazzle t-shirts.

Margarita by totallypainted
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Why can't life give us limes? by carlajean42
Become a t-shirt affiliate at

chill out by catsbacknc
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I hope you've enjoyed these fun margarita t-shirts, one advantage to wearing a shirt instead of drinking a margarita on National Margarita day is that a t-shirt doesn't leave you with a hangover!!!!

Sheldon Cooper T-Shirts

If you know the name Sheldon Cooper then you would've watched the hilarious television series - The Big Bang Theory.   I must admit this is one of my favorite shows and is guaranteed to brighten up my day when I watch it.

Sheldon wears a lot of cool t-shirts and now he features on quite a few like this C-Man one -

If you enjoy watching this show and want to buy one of the t-shirts that Sheldon wears then there are lots of sites available that offer you the chance to purchase one online, my favorite site is the aptly named Sheldon Cooper Shirts.

Let's face it any day is a Sheldon Cooper t-shirt day!

Gumdrop T-Shirts for Gumdrop Day

Goody, goody gumdrops, it's National Gumdrop Day!

Goody Gumdrops by goldnsun
Create a customized tee shirt at zazzle

When it comes to cool holidays to celebrate I think something sweet and tasty like gumdrops is definitely one I want to mark in my calendar, I'm sure you'd agree.
It's great to have an excuse for eating gumdrops, but why not wear a t-shirt as well?   I really don't need much of an excuse to buy a new tee so it's a gumdrop one for me, but which one?   I do like the sentiment behind the first one featured, but then this next one is very simple and to the point -

I Love Gumdrops by ilovemyshirt
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Which one do you think I should get?

Valentine's Day T-Shirts

Yes it's Feb 14th once again which means red love hearts, candy and roses to many people, me I'll just have a Valentine's Day tee thankyou.   Some years I feel like wearing an anti-Valentine's Day shirt instead, but hubby and I just celebrated out 19th wedding anniversary last week so I'm in a Valentine's mood today!

Choose which type of Valentine's Day shirt you'd like from these -

or perhaps these?

Math T-Shirts

If you love math or maths depending where in the world you live then you'll love the t-shirts I've selected for you today.   There are some really cool math t-shrits available online and I hope you enjoy the selection that I've compiled for you here -

Math Humor - Cute Tee Pi by cdandc
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This would definitely be a cool shirt to wear as you could watch people try to work out what it's saying!!

Here are a few more cool math shirts for you to choose from -

I hope you enjoy these math shirts I must admit I do like the cutie pie shirt, which one do you like?

Umbrella Day T-Shirts

February 10th is Umbrella Day, but as this is a t-shirt blog the last thing I want to tell you all is to go and buy an umbrella instead I've found some cool t-shirts that you can wear to celebrate this holiday.

Umbrella & Raindrops Shirt by dizzygirl
More Umbrella T-Shirts

Don't forget your umbrella by moonlit
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Umbrella by borlock
Browse Umbrella T-Shirts

These umbrella t-shirts are all available through Zazzle which means two things - one they're great quality and two they're usually available in a number of different styles to can even get a couple of them in a hoodie if it's not quite t-shirt weather where you are at the moment.
Whether you're wearing an umbrella t-shirt or not I hope you're having a fantastic umbrella day and hopefully you don't need to use an umbrella today :)

Save Ferris T-Shirt

Do you have a Save Ferris t-shirt?

Buy This at

This t-shirt is an absolute classic as it's from the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.   This 1986 movie has become a cult hit starring Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller who decides it's too nice a day to go to school so he plans a great day off.

I was thinking of this movie today because it's being parodied in a Super Bowl ad starring Matthew Broderick who decides to take a day off from his day job as an actor.   The ad made me laugh and reminded me what a great movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off was.

I definitely need to buy a Save Ferris shirt for my hubby's birthday next month as it's his favorite 80s movie - will you be buying a Save Ferris t-shirt?