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Rocky Tees

Rocky Balboa - The Italian Stallion

Rocky - One in a Million T-Shirt
Do you have a Rocky tee yet? You know who I mean Rocky Balboa........

The first Rocky movie was written by Sylvester Stallone and was released in 1976, 30 years later in 2006 the sixth Rocky movie was released. This franchise of movies has been hugely successful because everyone loves an underdog and Rocky was that loveable underdog. In my opinion Rocky V was where I didn't feel the need to cheer Rocky on, but when Rocky Balboa came out I could see him as an underdog again.

I believe that many people enjoyed Rocky Balboa because the people that grew up with the original Rocky movies are all getting older so we like to think that age is still no barrier!!

Rocky introduced us to an imperfect cast that included his best friend and then brother-in-law Paulie who drinks too much and pushes for Rocky to do things that he's not always wanting to do. Mickey, Rocky's trainer and manager. Adrian who's the love of Rocky's life, the first Rocky movie shows how shy they both are and by Rocky II they're married.

The 'bad guys' include Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago. Clubber Lang was played by Mr T and as a huge fan of the A Team I was very worried that I wouldn't be able to see him as 'the bad guy', but the script soon sorted that out for me. Ivan Drago represented the USSR and in the height of the cold war this was like Red Dawn in a boxing ring!!!

Using Eye of the Tiger by Survivor as the title music in Rocky III was fantastic and I can't help feeling like I can do anything when the song comes on. It is also a fantastic song to go running to or even just working out at the gym. Any child of the 80s identifies the song with Rocky and identifies Rocky with the song.

Now we've recapped Rocky (very briefly) for you let's look at some of the Rocky tees that are available to purchase online. They include classic Rocky tees, t-shirts offering some of Mickey's advice and much much more.

These following shirts are just a few classics that are available through a company called AllPosters....

Ladies Fitted Rocky T-Shirt

Personally I usually go for a basic t-shirt when I'm wearing them, but sometimes it's nice to have a ladies fitted shirt.

Rocky - Had Me At Yo Juniors T-Shirt
There are a few nice ladies Rocky shirts, but I think my favorite one had to be this one - Rocky had me at Yo - in my mind this t-shirt should be called a classic!

Mickey's Gym T-Shirts

Maybe you can't train in Mickey's Gym, but you can wear the t-shirt! Mickey's Gym was where Rocky trained, in the first Rocky movie he goes to the gym to find that Mickey has emptied out his locker........but we all know that won't be the end of Rocky don't we?

Mickey - Rocky's Trainer - T-Shirts

Mickey - owner of Mickey's Gym, is also Rocky's trainer, manager and friend. His death in Rocky III stunned us all, but we can remember some of his advice with these tees.

Rocky's Fights

Despite Rocky's wife Adrian not wanting Rocky to fight that is what we watch the movie for and you know he's going to come out on top because he's the underdog and we love to see an underdog win! Don't forget to vote for who your favorite opponent was and now chant with me - Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!

Apollo Creed - Cool Movie Tees

Apollo Creed was the first opponent of Rocky's in the original Rocky movie. Apollo plays a role four of the Rocky movies, being killed by Rocky's Russian opponent in Rocky IV. It was his idea for him (the reigning World Champion) to fight an unknown, but he was unprepared for Rocky.

Clubber Lang Tees

Mr T Shirts

Clubber Lang was played by Mr T and it was hard to think of Mr T as being 'the bad guy' until he caused Mickey's death and then the audience (along with Rocky) were out for blood!

Ivan Drago - The Siberian Bull T Shirts

Did no one tell Ivan Drago that people don't get killed in exhibition matches??? When Ivan kills Rocky's former opponent and now friend Apollo Creed then Rocky travels to the Soviet Union to train for a showdown match. This movie was filmed during the cold war and instead of being just a boxing match between two boxers it seemed to be representative of a showdown between the USA and the USSR.

Rocky's Wife - Adrian - Another Rocky Movie Shirt

Adrian is the love of Rocky's life. We first meet her as she's working in a pet store and then in Rocky II she's married to Rocky and is in the original 5 Rocky movies.

Rocky Yo Adrian Quote Movie T-Shirt
In Rocky Balboa Rocky plays a widower although he does visit Adrian's grave.

"Adrian, Adrian" is what many people call out as 'their quote' from a Rocky movie putting on their best Sylvester Stallone accent at the same time. "Yo Adrian," is another of Rocky's quotes.

Yo Don't Forget to Leave a Comment!

Share your favorite Rocky quote or moment, or just tell me which Rocky t-shirt you like the best.


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