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How I Met Your Mother Tees

Wearing a How I Met Your Mother t-shirt is a great way to let the world know how much you love this hit show. How I Met Your Mother is a really funny show that tells the story of a romance from before they ever met.......essentially this is a great way to tell the story of five friends who seem to spend all of their time together and the events that have led up to one of them being married with two children and recounting his youth. The show has a number of one-liners that really lend themselves to some fantastic How I Met Your Mother Tees which fans will adore.

The five main characters in the series are Ted (the father who is narrating the story), Robin (an ex-girlfriend), Barney (one of Ted's best friends), Marshall (Ted's roomie from college) and Lily (Marshall's college sweetheart). In my opinion the series owes the majority of it's laughs to Barney's character played by Neil Patrick Harris. Barney, in particular, is responsible for many of the fantastic How I Met Your Mother tees that are available from the Suit Up to the Bro Code, keep reading to find out more.

Barney's Mantra - Suit Up!

The first time we watched the show How I Met Your Mother my hubby started copying Barney's catch phrase of Suit Up and it became part of the 'guy talk' between his circle of close mates! The phrase is perfectly captured in this How I Met Your Mother tee, don't you think?

Barney's Bro Code Barney is very 'big' with his Bro Code, even though he broke it at one stage......haven't seen that episode yet? Well you can still enjoy the Bro Code tee, but you really should see how Barney tries to weasel out of breaking his code. Apparently it's a pretty air tight code - how well do you know the Bro Code?

Bro Code T-shirts
Bro Code T-shirts by Detourdesignables

These following t-shirts are all based on the infamous Bro Code that Barney is always quoting....

Ted's A Romantic

As anyone who has ever watched How I Met Your Mother will know Ted is a romantic. The first time he met Robin (and fell in love with her) she saw a blue French horn and so......well I won't ruin it in case you haven't watched How I Met Your Mother from the beginning. However I want you to bookmark this page then go and watch How I Met Your Mother series one and return, you'll then understand this next How I Met Your Mother's t-shirt's place here -

French Horn Grunge t-shirt
French Horn Grunge t-shirt by madconductor

The Slap Bet Tee - A HIMYM Shirt

How I Met Your Mother Slap Bet Commissioner White T-shirt (Medium)Check Price

The slap bet is a bet that is made with......wait for it ....slaps, so instead of having to pay up when you lose a bet you get slapped!

The Ultimate How I Met Your Mother T-Shirt

How I Met Your Mother television series can be summed up in the words on these shirts - legen-dary!

  How I Met Your Mother - It's Going to Be Legen-dary
How I Met Your...

Buy This at

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