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Lizard Tees

Yes, you read the title right I'm talking about lizard t-shirts today!   Why would I do a post on lizard tees?   Well it's to do with living where I do.......just going outside to hang out some washing you never know what you're going to find.   This little fellow was just the other side of our pool gate last week so I backed myself back up the stairs, grabbed my camera and was amazed to see he was still there!

The photo's not a great one, but the green stripes on this lizard's body was amazing and the tail just went on and on! Very different in looks to the dark lizards we often see and it stayed to pose (briefly anyways) unlike the enormous blue tongue lizard we had in the garden - that's a funny story so I'll tell you more after we look at some lizard tees!

Lizards Rule! shirt
Lizards Rule!
by pink_dancer912

We hadn't lived in our house long and had a smallish garden bed at the bottom of our back stairs. I was walking past it when one of my dogs made a noise and looked far too interested in something in the garden. All I could see was part of the back which had a v type pattern on it and was about 2" wide, of course I thought snake!   I proceeded to call my dog away in which time the other dog came over to see what was happening along with my then 5 year old daughter.   I'm shepherding them all away and giving the 'snake' a wide berth while screaming out to my hubby (did I tell you about my fear of snakes).   Luckily hubby's deafness (very selective) wasn't affecting him at that time and he appeared at the top of the stairs.

At about the same time hubby got to the garden I saw the snake move on it's legs!    Huge sigh, snakes don't have legs.   We got hold of some gloves and moved the lizard to a safer garden bed where the dogs couldn't attack him and in return we got to see his beautiful blue tongue - my dd had so much to talk about on the phone to her grandparents that night - 'mum doesn't know the difference between a lizard and a snake' 'I told her snakes don't have legs' - yes my dd has always been a little cheeky!


  1. Very cute. Of course all kiwis (which I know you're not but I am thinking of your connections) are fearful of snakes since they aren't lucky enough to have any over there. Check out our cute little visitor on this lens.

  2. That's an awesome lizard you had visit.....for a moment I thought you were pointing me towards a snake!!

  3. LOL - no, snakes don't have legs. Fun story.


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