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Lady Gaga Tees

I was busy looking in our local Target store today after a couple of last minute t-shirts to take away on holiday and would you believe it they had this Lady Gaga tee in there.

It's one of my favorite Lady Gaga tees at the moment and it's the first time that I've actually seen them in a store here in Australia.   Usually when I'm after a band tee I'll look online.........or buy at the concert if I'm lucky enough to go.

I didn't end up buying the t-shirt from the shop as it was cheaper for me to buy it online and I'm not sure that I can really carry off a Lady Gaga tee - I'm a little older than her usual audience and thanks to dd I'm feeling every bit of those years..............the beautiful little angel dropped a real clanger today, let me tell you more.

I had just spotted the Lady Gaga tee and continued around the stand to discover a range of t-shirts that looked awesome - this was my type of tee I thought to myself.   Enter the Little Miss - 'Mum, what are you doing?'    'I'm looking at these t-shirts'   'No, mum seriously you can't look at these,' I turned to look at her and saw that she was deadly serious.    'What's wrong with them,' it was then pointed out to me that I had wandered into an area that was apparently for younger people than myself, like teens, early 20s or (and here's the kicker) her BFFs mum!

I nearly swept the Lady Gaga tee along with some of the other pop culture tees in this area and brought them just to prove a point, but instead I started wondering if I'd grown too old for the simple t-shirt.

After thinking about it I've decided that no one is too old or too young to wear tees, that's the beauty of a t-shirt after all and I'm going to keep wearing them until someone puts me in a hole to bury me!


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Angry Birds T-Shirts

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Buy This A is for Anger is a pretty good logo for these birds because they are the Angry Birds!

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