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The Big Bang Theory Costume Shirts

Wear a Big Bang Theory Costume Shirt This Halloween!

If you're feeling a little bah humbug about getting a costume to wear this Halloween what about wearing a costume shirt instead?   These Big Bang Theory costume shirts will leave no one in doubt as to who you're supposed to be.

Whichever 'geek' you prefer - Sheldon, Leonard, Raj or Howard I've got a costume shirt you'll love, heck I wouldn't even wait for Halloween I'd wear one of these over a pair of jeans any day of the year and I'm not alone as I saw someone sporting the Sheldon costume shirt with some jeans at a local market a few weeks ago - it looked really cool!

If you prefer to wear a 'complete' costume then you should check out - The Big Bang Theory Costumes Page - otherwise one of these shirts is ideal as they look good and being t-shirts you just know they're comfy!

Sheldon Cooper Costume Shirt

The Star of The Big Bang Theory

I don't care what anyone says I think Sheldon is the star of the show, he always makes me laugh so if I was wearing a Big Bang Theory costume shirt it would definitely be this one -

The shirt shows off what must surely be Sheldon's favorite superhero (based on the number of times he's worn the Flash costume, let alone the shirt) - The Flash along with his bag (across the chest as always). In all it really is a cool costume shirt that is hard to beat in my opinion.

Leonard Hofstadter Costume Shirt

The Classic Loveable TV Nerd!

Leonard is the classic television geek that everyone loves, he really does try his best! If you love Leonard then check out his costume shirt -

You can see one of his favorite t-shirts (the recycling one) peeping out from underneath his hoodie and jacket (or two 'jackets' it's often hard to tell!) in this absolutely classic Leonard costume shirt. Penny obviously doesn't love him for his fashion 'style'!!

Howard Wolowitz Costume Shirt

The 'Falcon' of the Big Bang Theory 'Gang"

Well what can you say about the show's self-confessed (because no one else would call him it!) ladies man? If you're a Howard fan then you'll love this costume shirt -

Howard is famous for his belt buckles and one of them is featured on this costume shirt which is unmistakably Howard! All that's missing from this shirt is one of Howard's favorite costume accessories (besides his belt buckles) - the dickie!!

Raj Koothrappali Costume Shirt

The 'Quiet' Member of the Big Bang Theory Group

Raj cannot talk to women unless he's been drinking when he actually becomes quite obnoxious, so if you like the 'quiet type' then this Raj costume shirt is perfect for you to wear.

This costume shirt captures his terrible taste in mis-matching vests and cardigans perfectly and couldn't be anyone other than Dr Koothrappali! Let me just ask you a quick question - how many different patterns can one man mix together in a single outfit??

Share your thoughts about these costume shirts in the comments, but if you're after 'normal' Big Bang Theory t-shirts or some of the nerdy cool shirts that Sheldon dons then you might want to check out some of these links -


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