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Tees with Memories

I was very lucky a few weeks ago to find a Born in the USA t-shirt, it was totally unexpected as I was actually looking through some cheap, I mean economically sensible, shirts for hubby when I spotted it.   Apparently my eyes lit up so hubby had to say those words we all love to hear - "Buy it!"

I used to love Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album and would play it constantly as a teen.   I was very considerate towards my family by the way - I always made sure that the record player (yes, the album was on vinyl) was turned up loud so that they could all enjoy the Boss belting out his songs!

Buying the t-shirt brought back lots of memories and isn't it great that a simple piece of clothing could do that?   That is the beauty of t-shirts, you can wear them in comfort while reliving past memories.   March 21st is National Memory Day so why don't you celebrate the day by wearing a tee that brings back memories for you?

My hubby was looking for Bluto t-shirts a couple of months ago (long story and I don't really understand it all) to take on a boys week away with him.   This led him to 'discover' one of my webpages - 80s Movie Tees - after he was impressed at actually finding something by his wife from his work computer (obviously this must've been during his lunch break!) he proceeded to have a great trip down memory lane!

Last October my dad spent way too much time in hospital and on one of the days I wore a Spandau Ballet t-shirt from their Reformation Tour.   As I walked into the kitchenette area of the ward to get dad some ice one of the aides came up to me and whispered 'you know you're showing your age don't you', how rude was my first thought, until I realized that he was still talking - 'so did you see them on tour?'.    We then had a great discussion about Spandau Ballet and I thought yes I am showing my age, but I really don't care!

Why am I talking about showing my age?   Well March 22nd is National As Young As You Feel Day!   Having Memory Day followed by As Young As You Feel Day does seem a little ironic to me, but they are great excuses for wearing 80s tees at the beginning of the week, now to work on my excuse for the rest of the year!  


  1. I didnt know there were such days.. I should do something to commemorate them..

  2. I am constantly amazed at how many different 'holidays' there are!

  3. LOL - I am wearing my giant squid shirt and it is March 21 here. So, is it a memory of when I got to meet another really cool giant squid? But on a much more important note - next time your eyes light up, be sure you are looking at a cool car, a boat or a cruise around the world package if hubby is going to say buy it.

  4. Unfortunately hubby wouldn't say buy it if I was looking at any of those things!

    I'm actually wearing my Born in the USA shirt right's exactly what I was wearing when I met squid1 in fact :D


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