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Shopaholic T-Shirts

If You Love Retail Therapy Then These Shirts Are For You!

I love the selection of shopaholic shirts that are available to buy so much I had to compile some for any fellow shopaholics out there (or friends and family of shopaholics as these are a cool gift idea).

Shopper Girl shirt
I think I've found some of the best available and even if I say so myself I think these ones are gorgeous!

If you love to indulge in a spot of retail therapy yourself then do some online shopping when the mall's closed and check out a few of these shopaholic t-shirts. If you're after a gift idea instead then you can be sure that these t-shirts are sure to bring a smile to any shopping buddy's face.

The Seasoned & Professional Shopaholic Girl t-shirt that's pictured is one of my favorites on this page. I think it really suits the pink background as well, but you can change the color if you prefer and I've found that a number of people seem to elect for a white background. The t-shirt itself is made by Hanes and has that lovely softness about it which makes this shirt a really comfy one to wear.

Having told you my favorite I would still be happy with just about any of them - what about you? Be sure to tell me your favorite in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Need Some Retail Therapy?

Try Wearing One of These Shirts Instead!

This selection of shopaholic t-shirts are not only fun to buy and wear for yourself, but they also make a cool gift idea for any of your friends or family members who enjoy indulging in a spot of retail therapy at times.

The shirts themselves are all made by Zazzle which means a few things for you - great quality, a range of different t-shirt styles to choose from & easy and effective purchasing as you just buy with your computer mouse and Zazzle hurries it to you.

shopaholic shirt
I'd rather be shopping shirtBorn 2 Shop shirt

Simply click on any of the fun shirts that are on this page and you'll be able to see a larger image and also can see what it looks like on tight fitting short sleeved t-shirts, loose fitting tees, long sleeved t-shirts etc, you can also change the background color on a number of these designs.

Are You Shopping for a Certified Shopaholic Today?

These Shirts are Ideal!

Some of us like to shop and even jokingly call ourselves shopaholics, but there are some that take shopping to a whole new level - they are obsessive shoppers or chronic shopaholics and they even have a couple of shirts designed with them in mind!

Shopaholic shirt

Professional Shopaholics Rule!

Even More Great T-Shirts

Shopper Girl shirt
I love this Shopaholic Tee - it's definitely one of my favorites - what do you think? The wording of professional leads me to mention that some people actually do get paid to shop - what a job.

There are personal shoppers who probably have the best job in the world for a confirmed, 100% certified shopaholic and then there are other jobs such as a mystery shopper or a mall walker.

Now I actually have been paid to mystery shop, but I much prefer to think of mystery shopping along the lines of one of these t-shirts below. The reality is filling out forms or writing reports on shopping can really dull the experience of browsing for cool items in shops :(

Could you imagine what kind of tests you would have to take to become a professional shopper - do you think you could get an 'A'? I think this job would suit me really well as I love buying gifts for people - I'm apparently really good at finding the 'perfect' thing as I overheard someone talking about me a couple of years ago. Would I enjoy it as much shopping for strangers? Who knows, but it would be fun to find out don't you think?

I got an A in shop class T-shirt. shirtMystery Shopper shirtMall Walker Shirt shirt

Which is Your Favorite?

I've let you know which is mine (I've even featured it twice!) so why not share yours below as it's fun to see what other people think is the best as well.


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