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Rainy Day T-Shirts

Well it has been a really wet start to the summer here in South East Queensland - although NSW aren't fairing much better if pictures on the news are anything to go on. This is the view of one of our local footy grounds yesterday afternoon. This morning the sun was shining and I thought woo hoo! Very happy as I had to go in to school and see dd's teacher instead of using the drop off zone - my umbrella's broken and I haven't replaced it so getting wet wasn't appealing to me. Just before lunch the clouds opened up again and I can see a little river running rapidly down the road along the gutters.....I hate to think what the footy field looks like right now.

So this blog is about t-shirts, why am I writing about rain??? I thought I'd see what rain inspired tees I could find to feature on a rainy day blog! This one really tickled my fancy, although hubby didn't really get it when I showed him!

I hope you get my mind, but if not I'm going to offer a couple more t-shirts for you to wear on your next rainy day. The one upside to this rain is that Queensland is still warm enough to wear a t-shirt when it's pouring down, unlike the UK where I grew up.....I'd be cupping a hot chocolate and wrapping myself up in another layer if I was still there - actually a hot chocolate does sound nice!

When It Rains... shirt
When It Rains... by

Dancing in the Rain T-Shirt shirt
Dancing in the Rain by

I think the first one seems to be quite fitting for me at the moment - Queensland certainly isn't doing anything by halfs, a year ago we were all busy conserving water because our dams were so low and now we're having to let water out of our dams as they're filled to capacity and yet the rains not letting up!! The other t-shirt is a great metaphor for like in general I think and I'd love to wear that one anytime.

If you're after a different t-shirt other than rain inspired ones that don't forget to check out Lou's Tee-Ography - the best place to buy t-shirts online!


  1. Who would think that the rain inspires such fun designs.. I hope the weather gets better soon

  2. Maybe you could send some of that rain here. We're still a bit short here on the Central Coast of California.

  3. I like these. This time of year here, we will be talking about snow. I will take the rain over snow any day.

  4. Sorry to hear it's raining so much, but I like what you have done with it :)


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