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Christmas Tees

Well the December Christmas holidays have started with dd's school break-up. The end of the school year 'down under'. We also went to see Santa at the mall last week. I think it's fantastic that dd9 may think she's all grown up, but she still believes - it's written all over her face and luckily I managed to capture that look of utter adulation on her face promptly emailed to grandparents!

She proceeded to talk poor Santa's ear off, luckily there wasn't a long line! Apparently she asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas and he'd requested cookies and milk. DD graciously offered to bake him some which really impressed and so guess what we'll be doing?

Santa's Ho-Ho-Holiday T-shirt for kids shirt
Santa's Ho-Ho-Holiday T-shirt for kids by kidsonly
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Santa, Don't Stop Believin' shirt
Santa, Don't Stop Believin' by jamierushad
make your own custom t-shirt at zazzle

I couldn't really miss doing a Christmas tee special could I? So here are just a couple of the great Christmas tees that I think rock this year.

They are both from Zazzle and at the time I'm writing this you still have a chance to order and recieve your Christmas tees in time for Christmas, whether you want to wear them or gift them. I really love looking on Zazzle for Christmas t-shirts as the ideas and artists on this site just keeps improving. The only problem I have is choosing just ONE tee!

The second tee here is what I really want to say to my daughter - Christmas is still very magical for her and I really want another few years, although I'm surprised she still believes now so I should be happy with what I've got! Hubby didn't believe that she still believed until he witnessed her reaction to Santa - you really couldn't fake the look on her face as she chatted to him.

Now what I want instead of get your photo with Santa stands is a tape of the conversation that your child has with Santa.....especially when they don't give you a list because it's okay Santa knows what I want!!!


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