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The Seven Dwarfs T-Shirts

Get a Cool Disney Seven Dwarfs T Shirt Here!

The Seven Dwarfs Pyramid Shirts

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic disney movie and is known the world over. Why not celebrate your love of this Disney movie by wearing a Seven Dwarfs shirt with pride. Snow White was one of my daughter's favorite Disney Princess, but I think the Seven Dwarfs were the stars of the movie - "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go......."

I can still remember watching this movie at the cinema and seeing as my parents weren't even around when this movie was first released in the thirties it was obviously one of the re-releases that was playing. I know I was with my younger brother, mum and nan (it's the only time I can remember going to the movies with my nan) so it was probably the 1975 release. Whichever one it was I remember loving it and singing the 'Heigh ho' song constantly for weeks afterwards!

Now can you name all seven? It's okay there's always one that eludes you! The seven dwarfs are Dopey, Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy and Bashful.

Choose your favorite dwarf and wear them on a t-shirt from this collection of Seven Dwarfs shirts. I've got all seven represented on this page, although the two popular favorites certainly seem to be adorning an inequitable number of tees!


A Bashful T-Shirt

A Shy Disney Shirt!

Bashful is the shy one of the Seven Dwarfs and is so cute. This t-shirt is the only one he would pose for because he's a little camera shy (it's his bashful nature).

Bashful 3 t shirts

Available in a range of styles and sizes the majority of t-shirts on this page are from Zazzle and I have to say that their shirts are a really good quality - even my daughter's t-shirts from them have lasted well and she's very hard on her clothes!

Doc Shirts

Some Cool Seven Dwarfs Tees

Another of the Seven Dwarfs is Doc, I used to love Doc when I was younger because he wore glasses like I used to!

Doc 4 shirtsDoc 2 tee shirtsDoc Tee Shirts

Snow White & Dopey Shirts

Two of Your Favorites Together

Dopey seems to be so many people's favorite dwarf, even Snow White gave him a kiss!! These tees are fantastic with Snow White and Dopey on them so if you enjoyed the movie celebrate by wearing the tee!

Snow White and Dopey Bubbles T ShirtSnow White Kissing Dopey on the Head T-shirt

Choose a Plain Dopey T-Shirt - Who Needs Snow White?

Disney Dopey Shirts

Because Dopey is such a popular character from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs he has a number of tee-shirts dedicated to him, I'm sure you'll be able to find at least one which will look good on you. Let's face it everyone loves Dopey, you can't not fall for those big eyes that look up at you in such an adoring manner and as for that dopey smile.......

Dopey 5 shirtDopey Doing a Head Stand TshirtDopey Standing TshirtsDopey Jumping Tee ShirtDopey 5 t shirtDopey 3 t-shirtsDopey Dancing TshirtSketch Dopey T-shirtDopey 4 tshirts

Grumpy & Snow White T-Shirt

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Clothing

This is an absolute classic shirt in my mind with Grumpy being......well grumpy! You can just tell that he's just stamped his foot can't you?!

Snow White & Grumpy Disney T-shirt

Select a Grumpy T-Shirt

Some Great Grumpy Dwarf T Shirts to Choose From

Grumpy is basically like a child, he sulks, he storms off and he pokes out his tongue. We used to call my dad Grumpy and tried to 'encourage' the grandchildren to call him that. Surprisingly he was the one that encouraged the nickname the most, but it didn't stick!

My favorite has to be the one with Grumpy sticking out his tongue - it's priceless!

Grumpy 9 shirtSketch Grumpy Tee ShirtsGrumpy 6 t-shirtGrumpy 5 shirtsGrumpy 4 t shirtGrumpy 3 tshirtGrumpy 10 t shirtGrumpy 13 tshirtGrumpy 12 t-shirt

What About a Happy Dwarf T-Shirt?

A Happy T-Shirt Always Looks Great!

My daughter's godfather sent her over a very large Happy stuffed toy when she was first born and she loves it :) He's not my favorite, but he is hers now and he's certainly jovial!

Happy 4 shirt

I'd Love a Sleepy Dwarf T-Shirt

Which Sleepy T-Shirt Do You Like Best?

Sleepy is what I call a friend of ours because just like the dwarf Sleepy he can fall asleep absolutely anywhere - and does.

I'm not sure which is my favorite Sleepy shirt - I do like the first one and I think it would look especially cute on a baby's t-shirt. There are a few times when the second shirt (with Sleepy yawning) would be a great one to wear, a way of subliminally telling someone they're boring!!!

Sleepy TshirtSnow White & the Seven Dwarfs Sleepy yawning T ShirtSnow White & the Seven Dwarfs Sleepy snoring Tshirt

Sneezy T-Shirts

Even More Seven Dwarfs T-Shirts

I really don't have much to say about Sneezy, he's the dwarf that I never really think about as he didn't really stand out to me when I was younger ..... and still doesn't. I'm sure he has a number of fans out there though who are the people who would love a shirt to remind everyone who their favorite is -

Sneezy 3 t-shirtsSneezy 4 shirt

Which of the Seven Dwarfs Shirts Would You Wear?

Everyone has a favortie dwarf, let me know yours and whether or not you'd wear one of their t-shirts.


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