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Cow T-Shrits

Are you looking for a cow t-shirt?   I think cows are absolutely gorgeous which makes them a great inspiration for these cow tees.

Now you've heard the expression 'when pigs fly' well did you know that cows can (well not very successfully, but they try) ride on motorbikes?   It's true you know and the story involves my dad which so many funny tales seem to do..................hummmm.

First have you noticed that when you look at a herd of Friesian cows or Holstein cows (depending on where you live in the world) they all look the same - it's almost like a case of deja moo which brings me to this funny cow t-shirt.

deja moo shirt
deja moo by cfkaatje
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Back to cows on bikes or that should be one cow and one motorbike.   Let me start by saying that until the age of 8 when we moved into town we lived in the countryside.   My dad was riding home one day along a country lane on his motorbike and he passed a field of cows which was hardly surprising as it was great dairy country.    Over the hedge jumps a cow and lands on the bike - unfortunately it took dad by surprise and the cow didn't know how to steer - long story short dad and the bike are sprawled across the lane and the cow took off.

Now before you start thinking 'was he drinking' the answer is a big no, it really happened.   Now what about the repairs to the bike?   Dad pushed the bike to the side of the lane and went over to the farmer's cottage, the farmer agreed that if his cow caused the accident then he should pay, however.......

Dad had to point out the cow which was responsible for the crash!

Unfortunately the cows all looked alike, not like this little gang of cows here -

Although if you do see a posse of cows and you're on a motorbike - watch out they may be planning on hijacking your bike!

I hope that's given you a good laugh for the day and that you've enjoyed these great cow tees.


  1. I had no idea that cows could leap a fence. Sounds like your dad is pretty lucky to have survived that. Imagine if he had been drinking, he would probably be wondering if it really happened. What a bizarre story.
    Cute cow shirts.


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