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Bear T-Shirts

What animal starts with B and looks good on a tee?   Well there are lots, but I decided I was going to showcase bear tees today and it has everything to do with this design -

It just tickled my funny bone when I saw it and reminded me that I do have a bear story to share and it involves a polar bear........funnily enough my dad was with us on this occasion to but unlike the alligator story he wasn't tempting fate!   It actually happened in Sea World on Australia's Gold Coast.   We went to see the polar bears when my daughter was still in a stroller - she'd fallen asleep and we popped undercover where we could see up through the water and a polar bear was sunning itself on a rock.   For some reason my dad had put his camera away and mum was using her camera - hubby had mine.

Dad, myself and dd were underneath getting away from the heat and hubby and mum were still outside looking at the second polar bear when 'our one' got up and decided he was going for a swim - I still cannot believe what happened, but before I tell you let's go to a commercial break -

Did you like that segway?   I learnt that from quiz shows on television :D   Back to the story - the polar bear didn't do the usual lumber and clumsy flop into the water instead he lifted his front paws up above his head and it looked like he was actually diving into the water.   Dad and I couldn't believe it............right when you needed a video camera, suffice to say the two members of the family with cameras weren't looking and the youngest one was asleep- doh!

Anyway I love polar bears - how about you?   I have visited the polar bear experience many times since and I've never seen that happen since, but I'm still hopeful everytime.

Of course there are more bears than just polar bears like grizzly bears and I have bear t-shirts with grizzly bears on them as well.

Grizzly Bear shirt
Grizzly Bear by JHThomas
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Now I might be showing my age a little bit here, but do you remember a television series called Grizzly Adams?   I used to love that show and wanted to have a pet bear all of my own, as I've gotten older I think I'd just about......................... well let's just that if I came across a bear in the wild I would be terrified!   They do look absolutely gorgeous though and surprise, surprise I found one that tickled my funny bone -

Homeland Security shirt
Homeland Security by PapaMart
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I think that would work, don't you?

There are lots more bear t-shirts to be found at Zazzle so be sure to check them out for unique, cute and or funny bear tees.   Be sure to check back next week to see what type of animal I choose for C.


  1. Fantastic post. Love your polar bear story, and too bad no cameras ready or it might make a great t-shirt too. Your commercial break had me laughing. The first shirt on this page is my favorite.


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